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Which brand suits your style?

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Which brand suits your style?



The phone’s just a tool to you; your expertise is in managing people and projects, not devices. The iPhone’s simplicity and elegant function have met your requirements all this while, even if the models are a little pricey (the iPhone X starts at $1,650). Besides, all your other devices are Apple, and won’t play nice with rivals. And, should anything go awry on the technical end, call on the Android users for help.


If you’re part of the huge segment of consumers disgruntled with the two most dominant brands, Huawei offers a new middle ground to explore with its stylish and feature-packed flagships. Great marketing campaigns have cemented Huawei as the high-end Chinese brand. Its symbiotic partnership with Leica has helped to catapult it to immense popularity in Europe, where it has finally overcome the stigma of being “MIC”. Now if only everyone could pronounce the name right.


It takes a curious sort to buy into one of the most understated phone makers on the market. The South Korean brand has been quietly churning out high quality, affordable and often ground breaking models for some years now, but somehow never bring momentous marketing to bear. If you’re the sort that loves an underdog story, LG phones are for you.


Had you owned anything other than an Apple or Samsung smartphone three years ago, you’d be in for a world of pain. Inferior model make, patchy software support and derisive snickers from know-it-all peers were the price of adventuring out of the bandwagon.

How the tables have turned this year. Chinese brands have stepped up to the plate to challenge the supremacy of the iPhone and other South Korean models. Their MO? Better features and decent aesthetics at a more palatable price. Last month, Huawei knocked Apple off its second-place perch in Europe, and looks to loosen Samsung’s stranglehold as numero uno.

There can only be one victor from the brawl: we the consumers, who can at last claim we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to quality smartphones. Here’s The Peak’s guide to make sense of the new “phone-scape”.

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