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Capture all those special moments with this compact, high-performance camera from Nikon.

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Capture all those special moments with this compact, high-performance camera from Nikon.

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Photos make lasting memories, and when you’re capturing special moments with friends and family, it’s important to make sure that you don’t miss a thing. It’s easy to lose that perfect shot when everybody is moving around and having fun, or in places buzzing with activity, for instance, in a crowded cafe or at a social gathering. But with the Nikon 1 J5, there is no need to worry about missing out on the action.

The ideal lifestyle camera

The 20.8-megapixel Nikon 1 J5 boasts the world’s fastest high-speed continuous shooting with auto focus (AF) at approximately 20 frames a second, and the world’s shortest shooting time lag to support great shots in decisive moments. This means you can seize all the action – especially if it’s fast-paced – with just one click. Forget blurry shots and having to retake photos. This camera responds quickly and precisely to rapidly changing scenes, and always takes sharp images. If you and your friends love taking selfies, the Nikon 1 J5 also has a Self-portrait mode and a tilting LCD monitor that supports low and high angles. When the tilting monitor is reversed for capturing selfies or even group shots, the Self-portrait mode is automatically enabled, with a display that allows users to compose shots and select settings while taking photos of themselves.

Share and transfer your photos

Want to share the joy with others? With the camera’s built-in Wi-Fi and Near Field Communication (NFC) support, simply connect it to a smart device to effortlessly transfer images. You can achieve a wireless connection by pressing the dedicated Wi-Fi button, or for a connection with NFC-enabled devices, just touch the camera to the tablet or smartphone.

Stylish, light and compact

Although it’s packed with numerous functions and can capture fast-action subjects, the Nikon 1 J5 is lightweight, portable, and simpler to use than a DSLR. It comes in a refined body that offers a confident grip. When combined with a functional design, and metallic mechanical buttons and dials, it certainly makes a stylish companion. The camera is available in three colours: Black, White and Silver.

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