Portrait of Tammy Strobel

Despite Singapore’s reputation as a modern state and its citizens known to be quick in embracing new technologies, many homeowners are still slow to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into their living spaces.

Now that comes as a surprise, in a society of consumers who are constantly waiting in line for the next mobile phone release, or the latest high-resolution television launch.

Perhaps it is because regardless of how well-known we are for being early adopters, when it comes to our personal spaces, we are still pretty much Asian at heart. Our habits stem from the heritage of dealing with the familiar and not changing the status quo; comfort for us comes in the form of doing things the way it has always been done, from the way we prefer to have our meals with rice or noodles to our fondness for the “chou chou” pillow we had when we were children.

But, while some argue that modern conveniences often support laziness, many smart home gadgets on the market actually help to enhance quality of life. One such device is the Ambi Climate 2 (www., an AIenhanced complement to your air-conditioning system.

The nation’s founding father, Lee Kuan Yew, once said that “air-conditioning was a most important invention for us, perhaps one of the signal inventions of history”.

He added: “It changed the nature of civilisation by making development possible in the tropics. Without air-conditioning, you can work only in the cool early-morning hours or at dusk. The first thing I did upon becoming prime minister was to install airconditioners in buildings where the civil service worked. This was key to public efficiency.”

Air-conditioners may have helped to keep our level of productivity up, but they do take some time to cool a room – and that can be a point of contention for homeowners who have to return to a hot and stuffy home. Ambi Climate 2 solves the issue by allowing users to control their air-conditioners remotely with their mobile devices.

It is also intuitive enough to learn your temperature preferences as well as weather conditions over the course of the day, so you won’t have to constantly fiddle with the remote to adjust the temperature.

Another outstanding benefit this nifty little unit offers is its Away mode, which helps to maintain the temperature of the room at a preset level even when it is switched off. This mode is a lifesaver for homeowners who have pets at home, because when it gets too hot, the Ambi Climate turns on the air-con to help bring the temperature down to a specified setting, before shutting it down.

Not only does this help to conserve energy, it also provides peace of mind for those living on their own with  furry or feathered friends, whenever they have to leave the home.

Smart gadgets like this help to liberate us from conventional worries, and we shouldn’t hesitate to accept them into our daily lives.