Kitchen appliances that boast more than mere functionality.

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One of the spaces in the home you may find yourself spending a lot of your time in, is the kitchen. This is especially so if you enjoy whipping up home-cooked meals and a delicious spread for house parties. 

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With an increasing number of homeowners embracing open-concept kitchen designs, the space has also become one that many proud homeowners flaunt, decking it out in stylish and functional designs, complete with appliances that work well and look good too. 

Samsung’s launch of their four SpaceMax series refrigerators with two colourways — black and silver — offers homeowners more choices of sleek and fashionable kitchen appliances. They are crafted to complement home designs, with flat doors and recessed handles ensuring that your refrigerator blends in seamlessly with the overall look of your kitchen. 

Not only do they score in aesthetics, the magic in the Samsung SpaceMax technology is that it maximises internal capacity without increasing external dimensions, offering up to 647 litres of storage space with this series of fridges. For smaller apartments with height restrictions, these fridges are the perfect fit as they have heights of less than 1.8 metres. 

As one of the largest capacity side-by-side fridges with these dimensions in the market now, you can expect that it’ll be able to meet all of your family’s grocery needs for weeks! 

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The three-door SpaceMax refrigerator also has a built-in FlexZone compartment, which is an independently controlled space located at the bottom right that allows customised temperature settings for different storage needs, including four settings for preserving meat and fish, cooling beverages, keeping fruits and vegetables fresh, and storing food at optimal temperature. Toggle between these functions with just a touch of a button conveniently. 

What’s not to love when you’ve found the perfect marriage between form and function in these fridges? The Samsung SpaceMax refrigerators will have you covered as you prepare wholesome meals for your family and friends. 
See Samsung’s range of refrigerators at or visit major electrical stores to find out more.