Reactions to the original ipad from six years ago

"The Truth about Apple’s iPad: It’s a Big Yawn.”

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"The Truth about Apple’s iPad: It’s a Big Yawn.”

The Apple iPad was announced exactly six years ago. Since then, it’s evolved into the iPad Air, and a Mini version and a larger Pro version have come along too. But what was the reaction like when Steve Jobs first announced it?

Here’re some selections from the Macrumors thread discussing the announcement (don’t forget, Macrumors is an Apple fan site):

“This is a giant iPhone, there’s no other way to put it. You can love it, you can hate it but in the end it is a giant iPhone. Not revolutionary at all.”

“Bigger fail than Macbook Air and Apple TV combined... all those years of waiting and all the hype....”

“The keynote could have been 5 minutes long. ‘Hey we took the iPhone and made it bigger, booya!’ I can’t believe this is it.”

It wasn’t all bad though, as one user put it: “WELCOME TO THE FUTURE, REACTIONS TO THE ORIGINAL IPAD FROM SIX YEARS AGOWas it really that bad?by James LuPEOPLE! Homerun.” We also loved this guy’s response: “I can’t wait till they make a pocket version of it… ”

What about the press?

Engadget wrote, “What it was, however, was fairly underwhelming. Maybe underwhelming isn’t the right word. Unimaginative might be more accurate.”

Business Insider ran an article headlined, “The Truth about Apple’s iPad: It’s a Big Yawn.”

David Pogue from the New York Times was one of the few optimistic ones, “That [criticism] will last until the iPad actually goes on sale in April. Then, if history is any guide, Phase 3 will begin: positive reviews, people lining up to buy the thing, and the mysterious disappearance of the basher-bloggers.”

What did we think of the original iPad? We called it, “Sheer tablet brilliance.” In fact, we dedicated eight (!) pages to it in our review on