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This Month In Tech
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6 May 1998

On 6th May 1998, Apple CEO, Steve Jobs introduced the world to the iMac, and ushered in an era of Apple (as well as many other companies) adding the letter ‘i’ to just about every product it makes. What did the ‘i’ stand for? Jobs explained the name ‘iMac’ as representing “the marriage of the excitement of the Internet with the simplicity of Macintosh.” A slide from Jobs’ presentation also showed that the ‘i’ stood for “individual, instruct, inform and inspire.”

The first iMac also marked the beginning of Apple’s renaissance. In the three months between its announcement and its eventual release on 15th August 1998, the iMac received an unprecedented 150,000 pre-orders. 

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3rd May 1984

Michael Dell founds Dell Computer Corporation.

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25 May 1977
Star Wars is released in thirty-two US theatres.

17 May 1991

Tim Berners-Lee sets up the first world wide web public server on his NeXTcube workstation at CERN.

22 May 1980 Namco releases Pac-Man (then known as Puck-Man) to Japanese arcades.