With the A1 BRAVIA OLED, Sony has elevated the OLED TV into a work of art

Only Sony could have transformed the OLED TV.

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Only Sony could have transformed the OLED TV.

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Most of us know that OLED TVs produce astonishingly vivid images, with blacks so deep they make images ‘pop’ with life, and colors so rich they make people and scenes almost feel real.

But with more OLED TVs coming on the market, it’s time to realize that not all OLED TVs are created equal. OLED is simply a display technology, after all, and it’s how you craft that into a TV that determines its quality.

That’s why only Sony, with its experience in audio-visual technology and expertise in product design, could have created the brilliant new A1 BRAVIA OLED TV.

The A1 BRAVIA OLED is Sony’s first large-screen 4K OLED TV, and it sports Sony’s unique TV technologies, like 4K X-Reality Pro, 4K HDR and Triluminos Display, all of which help to deliver excitingly lifelike images. The new 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme in the A1 BRAVIA OLED is so powerful, it can precisely control every single one of the display’s eight million selfilluminating pixels.

The A1 BRAVIA OLED runs the latest version of Android, 7.0 Nougat, which brings a world of familiar apps onto the big screen and opens up new ones for you to discover. Chromecast builtin lets you cast your favorite videos, games, and apps from your smart device to the TV, so you can share and enjoy the same content across both devices. Voice Search helps you find your favorite shows just by asking.

But one extraordinary feature towers above the rest. With the Sony A1 BRAVIA OLED, sound doesn’t emanate from side speakers or a soundbar, as it would on any other TV. Instead, the entire screen is the speaker. Sony calls this the Acoustic Surface, we call it wildly inventive.

Four actuators sit on the rear of the TV, a pair on each side, and vibrate to produce sound through the display. It has the uncanny effect of making audio sound like it’s actually coming from the people and environment on the screen, rather than from the sides or bottom of the TV.

And with its ‘One Slate’ design, A1 BRAVIA OLED integrates an expressive 4K OLED TV and immersive audio quality into a beautiful chassis that brings your content to the forefront.

Sony has cleverly eliminated the need for a traditional TV stand, and the A1 BRAVIA OLED can stand on its own, appearing as a display that hovers in space without any distracting elements.

A support slate behind the display props up the TV, and the slate is covered with a soft fabric that naturally complements the glass. The fabric also serves a deeper purpose; it dampens the bass from the subwoofer in the back panel for a deeper, more commanding aural presence.

Only Sony could have created the A1 BRAVIA OLED Design and performance are two key qualities that Sony was, and with innovations like the Acoustic Surface and One Slate, continues to be known for. Only Sony could have elevated the OLED TV into a work of art.

The Sony A1 BRAVIA OLED 4K UHD TV is available in 65 and 55-inch versions.
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