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Experience new worlds with the Samsung Gear VR.

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The Samsung Gear VR is the best way to journey into new virtual worlds today. With a compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphone and just S$148, you can dive into an incredible experience of riveting movies and immersive gaming.

Virtual reality, or VR, creates a simulated environment that places you inside a virtual world. You’re no longer just viewing a scene; you’ll feel like you’re really there. You’ll swim through the depths of the ocean with dolphins around you, fight in epic space battles, or walk next to colossal dinosaurs, while seated right in your living room.

The Gear VR, powered by Oculus, creates that virtual world through a wearable headset that weighs just 318g, and features a foam cushioning around the eyes for comfortable extended usage.

On the front of the device, there’s a slot for your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 4G+, Galaxy S6 edge+ 4G+, Galaxy S6 edge 4G+, or Galaxy S6 4G+.

The headset offers a 96-degree field of view, and thanks to your Samsung Galaxy smartphone’s SUPER AMOLED display, colors are rich and vibrant, and details sharp and lifelike. The headset’s accelerometer and gyroscope know exactly where you’re looking and how your head is moving at any time, so what you’re seeing constantly changes to match your movements.

To control the UI and apps, you can use your gaze, or tap or swipe on the touchpad. To enhance the immersion, the Gear VR is best used with headphones. You can also connect a Bluetooth® gamepad for better control.

Immerse yourself with the Samsung Gear VR, and enjoy new worlds unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced.

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Samsung Gear VR is not recommended for children under 13 years, please see doctor before use if pregnant, elderly and/or there are heart, epileptic or other medical conditions. Detailed health and safety warnings apply, please see