The Billionaire’s Track Toy

For the mega-rich, exclusivity is paramount.

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Brabham BT62
Brabham BT62

For the mega-rich, exclusivity is paramount. And if you want to one-up your friend who has just unloaded his spanking new McLaren Senna GTR off the flatbed, you could do a lot worse than the new Brabham BT62. Compared to the 75 Senna GTRs that McLaren are making, only 70 Brabham BT62s will be made.

The T62 is the first car from Brabham Automotive, which is run by multiple Le Mans 24 Hours winner David Brabham, son of three-time F1 champion Jack Brabham. The 70 units are in homage to Jack’s 70th anniversary in motorsports.

Powering the BT62 is a Brabham-made 5.4-liter naturally-aspirated V8 that produces 700hp and 667nm of torque. More impressively, thanks to its mostly carbon fiber construction, the BT62 weighs just 972kg. This gives it an incredible power to weight ratio of 720hp per tonne. All that power is sent to the rear wheels only through a six-speed racing sequential gearbox.

To let drivers exploit all that power, the BT62 features loads of aero. There’s a huge adjustable wing, equally large rear diffuser and front splitter, and aeroblades all over. All told, Brabham says the car will develop over 1,200kg of downforce. No performance figures have been shared, but expect the BT62 to do 0-100km/h in under 3 seconds and have a top speed north of 330km/h. One number that Brabham has shared is the price. A cool US$1.5 million. 

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