Hot-Swappable Goodie?

Logitech G Pro X.

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The Logitech G pro X looks exactly like the old G pro keyboard that was released in 2017. And given that the G pro X keyboard is the latest addition to Logitech’s series of esports-oriented pro series, and I’m slightly disappointed that not much has changed in terms of design.

After all, it would have been nice to have a fresh, new look to commemorate Logitech finally leaving its romer-G switches behind. This new keyboard now sports hot-swappable switches so you can easily pluck out a switch and change it to any other cherry MXstyle switch.

Fortunately, The G pro X’s chassis has aged pretty well, and it still looks quite good. That’s no doubt due to its minimalist design and clean lines. Logitech hasn’t bothered with an additional row of macro keys or anything like that. However, if you really need programmable macros, the entire function row can be programmed in the Logitech G Hub software. Furthermore, if you turn on the G-Shift toggle, you can assign an additional layer of commands to the F1 to F12 keys, effectively giving you a total of 24 keys to customise.

The detachable, braided cable uses a pronged micro-USB connector. This has been a staple for Logitech for a while now, but it’s 2019, and I’d really have liked to see USB-C on a gaming keyboard at this price. Micro-uSB is notoriously flimsy. Razer is already leading the way with USB-C on the Huntsman Tournament Edtion, and Logitech really should have done the same on the pro X.

But it’s now time to talk about the switches. These are the same GX-series switches that Logitech first introduced on the G512 carbon, but they now come in more flavours than before. The G pro X is available with GX Blue, Brown, and red switches.

These have Kailh branding on their housings, and in fact, are actually modified Kailh Blue, Brown, and red switches. unlike Logitech’s proprietary romer-G switches, they use the traditional cherry MX-style stem and rely on a surfacemounted LED that shines through from the rear.

One of the benefits of romer-G switches was the centralised light pipe, which resulted in more even backlighting. That aside, I’m really glad that Logitech dropped romer-G on the pro X. The light pipe was hardly enough to make up for its subpar, mushy typing experience. 

But that’s all behind us now and the GX switches are far better. They all have the same 50g actuation force, but I vastly prefer the Brown and reds over the Blues. That’s mostly because the reset point on the Blues is higher than the actuation point, which means you have to release the switch farther before you can register a second key press. This makes the key feel less responsive, and it’s not exactly ideal for games that require rapidfire key presses. This characteristic is not unique to the GX Blues though, and the Kailh Blue switches they’re based on are designed this way as well, as are cherry MX Blues. The Browns and reds don’t have this issue, and they’re also quieter.

In terms of tactile switches, the Browns don’t actually have a very prominent bump. This is okay if you don’t want a super tactile switch, but they can come across as slightly underwhelming if you’re looking for more tactile feedback. On the other hand, the reds do come off as a little scratchy. Smoother switches just feel better and more satisfying to type on, and the reds leave much to be desired in this area. In fact, that’s why certain keyboard enthusiasts like to open up their switches and lube them in order to remove some of that friction.

Then again, the quality of Logitech’s offerings don’t matter too much since the hot-swappable sockets on the G pro X mean  they’ll take just about any cherry MX-style switch. This includes a massive selection of switches from Kailh, Gateron, and even Zeal pc, so you can easily replace the stock GX switches with your favourites.

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The keyboard comes with two sets of feet at different angles.

Hot-swappable switches are nice, overall a lacklustre update.
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The switches can be easily removed  and new ones installed.



Detachable micro-USB


GX Blue, Brown, or Red


361 x 153 x 34mm

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