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Logitech G603.

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Logitech G603.

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If what you want is a capable wireless mouse that won’t break the bank, the Logitech G603 is a great option. This is a midheight house that is suited to both palm and claw grips. But despite its seemingly ambidextrous shape, it’s actually a right-handed mouse, with a deeper concave on the left edge for your thumb to rest below the side buttons. These buttons are fairly large, so you should have zero problems reaching them.

Its no-frills approach means it only offers what you need, but the good news is that it delivers where it most needs to with impeccable wireless performance, reliable tracking, and absolutely stellar battery life.

It uses Logitech’s Lightspeed wireless technology, which promises a speedy 1ms report rate for performance that’s indistinguishable from their wired counterparts. That turned out to be pretty accurate, as I wasn’t able to tell that I was using a wireless mouse at all.

This is especially important, as there’s no way for you to use the G603 in wired mode. It runs entirely off a pair of AA batteries, so you just plug in fresh ones when they’re dead.

Logitech is claiming months-long battery life on the G603, and after a week of daily use at the maximum 1,000Hz polling rate, the battery level had barely budged. That said, the AA batteries add considerable weight to the mouse, and it weighs a hefty 135.7g.

This means it’s not the best for FPS games, but you can take steps to reduce the weight, such as by opting for lighter lithium batteries. The mouse will also work with just one AA battery installed, although this means the weight distribution is no longer as balanced.

This is also the first mouse to use Logitech’s new HERO (High Efficiency Rated Optical) sensor, and it’s supposed to produce similar performance characteristics as the top-notch PMW3366 at a much lower power draw.

The sensor tracks up to 400 inches per second with no smoothing applied, and my every movement felt precise and translated faithfully on screen. Lift-off distance was also low, and I noticed no issues with unwanted z-axis tracking when lifting up and repositioning the mouse.

Lastly, even though you’ll probably almost never find yourself needing to go that high, the G603 supports a range of 200 to 12,000DPI.
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You can switch between HI and LO modes, depending on the polling rate you want.


A no-nonsense wireless mouse that delivers great tracking performance and battery life.



200-12,000 DPI




124 x 68 x 43mm




500 hours (HI mode) 18 months (LO mode)

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