In space no one can Hear You Scream

Origin is science-fiction horror in the tradition of Alien.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

Origin is science-fiction horror in the tradition of Alien. As eight colonists from Earth find themselves trapped on board a recently evacuated ship, they exemplify how the vastness of space can be alternately claustrophobic and terrifying. 

The problem is that the ship may not actually be so empty at all. With long, shadowy corridors and doors that seal hermetically shut, the titular spaceship is at once both haunted house and prison. Fans of the science-fiction horror genre will find a lot to like in Origin, as the impeccable performance of the cast and methodical pacing come together to create a building sense of dread that something is very, very wrong. 

Harry Potter alumni Natalia Tena and Tom Felton add some name recognition to the series, but it really requires little help from them to get going. It’s not all just screams and body-contorting squeamishness, and the show takes time to explore each character’s back story and flesh them out as fully realized characters. As the bodies pile up however, you’re increasingly unsure who to root for, which only adds to the tension and uncertainty underlying the entire series. 

As the colonists near Thea, the Earth-like planet that is to be their new home, it becomes increasingly clear that the planet may not be what they thought it to be. Keep watching for plenty of twists, turns, and a healthy spattering of gore.