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D-Link offers high-speed, whole home networking with simplified Wi-Fi Covr-age.

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D-Link offers high-speed, whole home networking with simplified Wi-Fi Covr-age.

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Wi-Fi. That invisible lifeline of all our gadgets to the internet. And we don’t just mean a notebook or a smartphone, but TVs, gaming consoles and even electronic doorbells and refrigerators are connected today. With the rise of high bandwidth applications such as HD video streaming and online gaming, Wi-Fi has become essential. And yet, why is it so hard to setup a home network without jumping through hoops of technical jargon? If routers are so powerful, why should you have to deal with blind spots and connection issues within your own home?

This is why D-Link’s latest product isn’t just another router, but a ‘Whole Home Networking’ solution that overcomes these limitations. Covr blankets your whole home with reliable, seamless Wi-Fi, eliminating dead spots and promising a fast, stable connection for multiple devices simultaneously. Covr does this by creating a MESH network in your home, similar to that found in large buildings like airports.

D-Link has two Covr solutions for different needs. The Covr Wi-Fi Kit (DKT-883) consists of a D-Link DIR-883 MU-MIMO AC2600 Dual-band router and DAP-1655 AC1300 Gigabit Wi-FI Extender. This can be used to create a new home network. Covr also comes in a Powerline Wi-Fi Kit (DHP-W732AV), consisting of two Powerline AV2 1300 adapters that will work in tandem with your existing router to create a Covr network using a PowerLine backbone and AC1200 Wi-Fi.

The best part is that all Covr kits are pre-paired out of the box; no configuration or synching between router and extender is necessary. Just plug them in and they will work. A user-friendly web interface will help you get the Covr network configured exactly how you want it in no time too.

Once you have Covr up and running, pretty much everything else is automatic. Smart Steering technology seamlessly connects your devices to the strongest signal available, with any changes in connection taking place in the background without you even noticing it. Not only that, Dynamic Adaption automatically directs your devices to use the best Wi-Fi bandwidth depending on current network traffic, ensuring both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands are utilised to maximum effect.

D-Link Covr makes ‘whole home network’ coverage simple, seamless, and efficient.

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