Why Samsung QLED TVs are the next innovation in TV

They combine leading display quality with the finest user experience.

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They combine leading display quality with the finest user experience.

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Vivid picture quality that’s full of life

Samsung’s new Quantum Dot technology enables their metal QLED TVs to create vivid images that are full of life and color. The use of a metal alloy quantum dot material achieves vastly improved picture quality compared to conventional TVs; these QLED TVs can display the full DCI-P3 color space accurately, and at 100% color volume regardless of brightness levels.

(VDE, or Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker, a leading European testing and certi cation association, agrees with Samsung QLED TVs’ 100% color volume claim measured to DCI-P3 Standard.)

Because the QLED TVs have a peak luminance of between 1,500 and 2,000 nits, they bring High Dynamic Range (HDR) content into realistic motion. With more HDR content coming this year, via streaming and Blu-ray, these HDR10-capable QLED TVs will be able to reveal previously hidden details, bolder contrasts and lifelike imagery.

The high brightness levels will also allow you to enjoy deep blacks and rich details whether you’re watching in the bright daylight or dark twilight. With the QLED TVs’ wide viewing angles, every seat is the best seat in the house.

Artful design that simplifies everything

Samsung’s new QLED TVs are artfully designed to reduce clutter and focus on what matters most. The minimal bezel draws your eyes directly to the content on the screen, without distractions.

The QLED TVs come with a single Invisible Connection cable that simplifies your connections. Say goodbye to console clutter; the tangled cords and wires that wrap around your TV and peripherals. The Invisible Connection is so thin and near transparent; you’ll hardly notice it. It connects to the One Connect Box, which works like an extension plug for your peripheral devices. You can easily plug your devices into it, instead of adding more wires to the back of your TV, and conceal your One Connect Box discretely in your TV console.

For a clean, minimal appearance, the QLED TVs support a No Gap Wall Mount, which is easy to fix and has the TV sitting flushed against the wall. This innovative new method eliminates the unnecessarily thick gap depending on the installation and wall type between the TV and wall that accompanies most wall-mounts.

You can also choose to display the QLED TVs on two new and sophisticated stands; the Samsung Studio Stand that resembles an easel with a painting, or the sleek Samsung Gravity Stand, which brings to mind contemporary sculpture.
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The finest smart TV experience

The QLED TVs improve upon Samsung’s much-lauded smart TV capabilities, making it easy to access features and content. The Smart Hub user interface lets you quickly access your favorite shows, info and devices, all in a single place with the Samsung One Remote Control.

The Samsung One Remote Control also simplifies your living room, by consolidating all your compatible remotes into a single device. The control’s intuitive design with voice control helps you watch what you want, and how you want it, smoothly and comfortably.

The Smart Hub interface has been extended to compatible smartphones through an improved Smart View app. On the Smart View mobile app, you can now see content that’s available for the TV, complete with the TV’s launcher bar on the top row. With one click, you can select and start your favorite TV programs and video streaming services on the TV, through the convenience of your smartphone.