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Stylish and clever clicker, but a little pricey for the one thing it does extremely well.

Logitech claims the Spotlight is the future of digital presenters, one that solves all the woes of current clickers from fumbling with buttons to even boosting your shaky confidence.

Design-wise, the Spotlight presenter is built like an Apple TV remote. It has an aluminum shell and three large, tactile buttons.

It works directly with your favorite presentation software (PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, PDF, Prezi) to directly highlight or magnify a section of your slides as you point at it, making laser pointers obsolete.

You can control over the size of the highlighted area and magnification ratios, it accepts gesture commands so you can do things like move the remote to raise and lower volume, and eve bind macros to execute complex keystrokes at the press of a button. If you’re prone to digressing during presentations, you can also have the Spotlight provide vibration alerts to help you stay on top of your timing.

Of course, all these advanced features come courtesy of the Presenter App, which works on both Mac OS and Windows.

As a Bluetooth device, the Spotlight will still work without the Presenter App, but you’d only be able to access basic forward and back functions, though you can control the cursor like an air mouse by holding down top Spotlight button.

The other great thing about the Spotlight is that its builtin battery only takes one minute of charging for up to three hours of use. I tried it with a completely drained device, and by the time I booted my notebook and got PowerPoint fired up, the Spotlight was ready to go.

As clever as the Spotlight is, I can’t help but feel that Logitech could have done one better. I would have loved to see a wireless portable mouse from Logitech with the same Spotlight features built in. I mean, everyone uses a mouse daily. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could pick your mouse up and switch to presentation mode when you need to, rather than an expensive niche device that’ll likely end up sitting in the drawer till someone has to give a presentation?

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