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G-Wolves Hati S Stardust Edition

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The Hati S is the latest outing from the Chinese company, and it’s a tiny, super light mouse that follows in the footsteps of many of the best mice today, featuring a honeycomb shell, soft and supple paracord-style cable, and a safe and versatile shape.

The Stardust variant sports one of the most attractive stock finishes I’ve seen on a mouse. The black base is dotted by white speckles, evoking the scattering of stars in a dark galaxy. This is offset beautifully by the light blue hue of the DPI and side buttons and scroll wheel. The stock cable is black, but it is detachable, and G-Wolves has bundled a matching light blue cord with the mouse that you can use instead. 

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The button at the bottom lets you adjust the polling rate. 

The detachable cable may seem odd at first, considering that this isn’t a wireless mouse, but it’s a neat way for G-Wolves to add value with additional cable options.

The shape of the Hati S is something of a hybrid between the Cooler Master MM710 and Finalmouse Ultralight 2. It is shorter than the Ultralight 2, but it is a little wider and taller, with a more prominent hump toward the rear of the mouse. It’s great for the fingertip grip if you have larger hands, but if your mitts are on the smaller side like mine, the palm and claw grips work wonderfully. The sides of the mouse curve inward, so the mouse is narrower in the middle, creating also a nice concavity for resting your thumb.

As a fingertip gripper however, I still prefer the flatter shape and narrower body of the Ultralight 2, but I would pick the Hati S over the MM710.

At a mere 49g, this is also one of the lightest mice around. To further cut down on the weight, G-Wolves has even incorporated cutouts on the front of the mouse, a pretty nifty design decision that I’ve yet to see elsewhere. 

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There are cutouts at the front to further reduce weight.  

The stock PTFE feet are pretty smooth right out of the box, and there is no noticeable scratchiness. G-Wolves does ship a pair of replacement feet in the box however, alongside rubberised grips, extra TTC pink switches, and a helpful brush for dusting off the mouse, making for one of the most complete set of accessories I’ve encountered. The rubber grips have been custom-cut to fit the mouse. They work great if you suffer from sweaty palms, and they add only a few grams of weight. 

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The Hati S is equipped with a 16,000DPI Pixart PMW3389 optical sensor, widely regarded as one of the best sensors on the market. The sensors on most modern gaming mice are almost not worth mentioning anymore since they are almost uniformly flawless, and in my time with the mouse, the sensor performed perfectly as expected. An illuminated G-Wolves logo is mounted on the PCB, and this shines through the back of the mouse. In addition to providing a measure of RGB lighting, it also doubles as a colour-coded DPI indicator, which is pretty useful. However, since I don’t really change my DPI all that often, I preferred to disable the light instead. 

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You can do this, and more, through the Hati S driver software. The software offers a bunch of other customisation options as well, including the ability to adjust the debounce time to as low as 4ms, adjust the polling rate, and tweak the lift-off distance. Oddly enough, my mouse came set at a 500Hz polling rate by default, and despite the colour-coded polling rate button at the bottom, there was no way of knowing what colour corresponded to which polling rate without first downloading the driver. The interface isn’t the slickest, but it’s functional and works.

Build quality on the mouse is pretty good – there is no flexing or creaking on the sides, but I did notice some flexing on the bottom when pushing on it and a faint rattle when shaking the mouse. The primary and side buttons are crisp and responsive – there is some post-travel to the left- and rightclick buttons, which are Chinese Omron switches rated for 20 million clicks.

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The scroll wheel is relatively quiet, featuring well-defined notches that make it pretty good to use, especially if you rely on it to switch between weapons and such. The primary buttons are separate from the mouse shell, and while there is some slight side to side wobble, it’s nothing excessive.

The Hati S is one of my favourite mice to date. I particularly like the unique Stardust finish and light blue cable. At just 113mm long, its small size is a great fit for me, and it offers a safe, comfortable, and relatively versatile shape that should suit most people. At US$69.90, it is quite reasonably priced, especially considering the attractive metal box it ships in and the plethora of accessories that it comes with. 

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SENSOR Pixart PMW3389 DPI 16,000



PRICE US$69.90 

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