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X-mini Ray+

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X-mini Ray+

X-mini have always been known for their portable micro speakers, but they’ve started to move into the personal audio space of late. First with their Evolve headphones, and lately with four new series of in-ear headphones: Nova, Xyrius, Xtlas and Ray. The Ray series in particular is meant for use during your workouts, and are supposed to deliver crisp and clear sound to fitness fans. 

The X-mini Ray+ then, is one of two new wireless in-ear headphones from the Ray series, and these are said to be tuned for enhanced bass while being IPX5 sweat and water resistant. They use Bluetooth 4.1 and support Qualcomm’s aptX codec for better wireless streaming. 

The headphones are rated for a total of seven hours playback time, and get a full charge in about two hours. There’s a three- button in-line remote for basic audio controls as well as the standard microphone for taking and making calls. In essence, all the standard features are present and accounted for despite its relatively low price. 

The Ray+ comes with a selection of replaceable ear tips, including options with wings for better fit. However, because the base of the ear bud (which the tips fit over) is fairly sizeable to begin with, you may find that the tips don’t make much of a difference in terms of comfort. The ear buds also have a magnetic clasp so you can secure them around your neck when not in use so there’s less chances of losing them.  

In terms of audio, we’d say these headphones easily outperform their price bracket, with good performance in the mids and highs and a pretty good attack that allows it to take on faster moving pieces. For example, with Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You, we thought the headphone brought good pace to this groovy track, and more than enough energy to get you grooving. 

It also managed to turn in a good performance with Guns N Roses’ Live and Let Die, picking out the guitar work on this fast moving rock piece well, and rendering the piece with a fairly wide soundstage. 

The Ray+ stumbles a little in the bass and lower mid regions; on a recording of Diana Krall’s Temptation, the bass component was lacking, which took away from the piece some. 

Overall, the Ray+ headphones are good for casual listening. At $79.90, they’re definitely one of the cheaper in-ear wireless headphones around that also have a IPX5 rating so are definitely worth a listen.

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The ear buds stick together when not in use. 

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My Reading Room

Great earbuds for workouts and casual listening.