Tired, aching post-run muscles will benefit from these therapeutic treatments.

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Tired, aching post-run muscles will benefit from these therapeutic treatments.


Race day has come and gone, and you have the finisher’s medal – and the aches – to show for it. Book yourself one of the following treatments to unknot tight muscles, ease tension and put you on the fast track to recovery.

Ease tension and stress with these pampering, full-body treatments.

IKEDA SPA Fashioned after a traditional Japanese bath house, this spa will transport you to another world. Try its Anma Deep Tissue Massage ($160 for 60min), where your therapist will use strong pressure and slow, firm strokes to stimulate the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. Where 787 Bukit Timah Road For more info www.ikedaspa.com

PUROVEL SPA & SPORT Bliss out in this luxury Swiss spa that offers a host of alpine-inspired treatments. To relieve muscle fatigue and promote better sleep, opt for the Wellbeing Muscle Recovery Massage ($149 for 60min). This is a medium- to deep-pressure massage that’s good for active individuals post-workout. Where Swissotel Merchant Court For more info www.swissotel.com/purovel

SO SPA Looking for a relaxing getaway? Good news: This tranquil sanctuary is reminiscent of a tropical resort. Close your eyes and be lulled to sleep when you try The Sentosa Massage ($180 for 60min). The restorative treatment stimulates energy pathways in the body to relax the mind and recharge overworked muscles. Where Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa For more info www.sofitel-singapore-sentosa.com

TARABLISS Best for relieving strain in the upper body, Muscle Soothe ($150 for 60min) is a gentle massage that uses techniques to unblock lymph nodes and reduce water retention and bloating. During the treatment, your therapist will use special drainage rollers to encourage blood flow and improve circulation. Where 452 North Bridge Road For more info www.tarabliss.com.sg

SPA ESPRIT If you prefer an oil-free experience, give Energy Worker Massage ($101.65 for 60min) a go. Slip into the soft T-shirt and bottoms provided by the spa, and let the day’s tension melt away. Your therapist will use long strokes and stimulate pressure points to release kinks and knots. Where 8D Dempsey Road For more info www.spa-esprit.com

CALLA SPA Go back to nature in this enchanting, forest-like sanctuary. Pair the Deep Tissue Massage ($198 for 60min) with its rosemary and lemongrass oil blend to effectively soothe aches. Rosemary is said to have high levels of pain-relieving properties, and helps increase blood circulation to alleviate fatigue in muscle tissues. And good news if you’re peckish after the massage: Each treatment comes with a complimentary entree and free flow of light bites! Where #01-500 Suntec City Mall For more info www.callaspa.com.sg

YUNOMORI ONSEN & SPA Benefit from traditional Japanese onsen therapies and Thai massage treatments in this fusion spa. Pick the Onsen + Thai Massage ($118 for 60min) package to get the best of both worlds. After being rocked and kneaded, soak in one of the 11 onsen pools – there are six variations of baths to choose from, and each boasts its own health and beauty benefits. Where #02-17/18 Kallang Wave Mall For more info www.yunomorionsen.com/2015/sg

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AWAY SPA As its name suggests, the Sports Buff ($160 for 60min) massage is tailored to meet the needs of active individuals. Tight muscles will be loosened with deep pressure strokes and an anti-inflammatory blend of rice bran, rosewood and eucalyptus oils. Stubborn knots won’t stand a chance! Where W Singapore – Sentosa Cove For more info www.awayspasingapore.com

THE LUXE HOUSE Ornately designed, this opulent spa incorporates a mix of both Eastern and Western wellness philosophies. For example, you’ll find elements of ancient martial arts and modern fitness theories present in the Total Tension Relief Body Therapy ($168 for 60min), a treatment that focuses on improving joint and muscular mobility. Walk away less stiff and with better posture after just one session. Where 7A Dempsey Road For more info www.theluxehouse.com

Pamper sore soles and aching gams with these services.

AMORE SPA Combat stress, alleviate aches and improve overall blood circulation with Sole Therapy ($94.16 for 60min), a foot reflexology treatment that will put a bounce back in your step! Where #04-09 Plaza Singapura For more info www.amorefitness.com/spa

BATH CULTURE FOOT THERAPY Kick your heels back and relax in this oriental-themed foot reflexology boutique. First, soak tired soles in the Classic Foot Bath ($19 for 20min) to encourage blood circulation. Then let your therapist melt away tension in your feet, ankles and calves during the Oriental Foot Massage ($40 for 40min). This traditional reflexology technique works on the principle that your organs are connected to trigger areas in your feet, and aims to unblock clogged meridian points. Where 59 Temple Street For more info www.bathculture.com.sg

TOUCHE ELITE The Detoxifying Tension Relief Treatment ($428 for 75min) is amazing for swollen and tired gams. The two-phase French approach includes exfoliation, a specialised leg massage, and a series of lymphatic drainage techniques to rid toxins and excess fluid retention. Where #03-04 Palais Renaissance For more info www.cls-touche.com