Porsche’s Electric Future

Porsche Taycan

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The Taycan is Porsche’s first electric production car and if it’s anything like the 911, it could instruct a whole new generation of sports cars to come. The looks are unmistakably Porsche, and thankfully, because of its wide body and low stance, it looks more 911 than Panamera. It comes in two forms and they are called the Turbo and Turbo S, which is peculiar because they don’t actually have turbos. Instead, what you have are electric motors on each axle. In Overboost mode, the Turbo S produces up to 751hp and 1050nm of torque, enough to spring it from 0-100km/h in just 2.8 seconds and 0-200km/h in under 10 seconds. Top speed is restricted to 260km/h.

The performance is well-deserving of the Porsche badge, but what’s really unique about the Taycan is that it has an 800-volt architecture, about twice that of rival cars. A higher voltage means lower current and less heat in the motors and batteries. It also means Porsche can use a lighter wiring loom and thinner wires to reduce weight. Altogether, this makes the Taycan more efficient and also its performance more repeatable. To end, Porsche says the Taycan can charge from 5% to 80% in under 25 minutes with a DC fast charger and that its range will be around 380km to 450km. Expect to see it humming on our roads sometime next year.
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