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The legend continues…

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The 911 may no longer be Porsche’s best-selling car - that honor goes to the little Macan - but it is still the model that is most synonymous with the brand. It has been with us for some 55 years now and there will be an all-new model this year.

Codenamed the 992, the new 8th generation 911 was unveiled in the more desirable ’S’ form at the LA Motor Show late last year. The silhouette is very much recognizable but there are subtle design tweaks here and there. The front track has been widened by 40mm and all 911s will now have the wide rear-wheel arches previously reserved for only the all-wheel-drive 911 models. Round the back, the new 911 gets a full-width light bar - which is apparently the in thing in automotive design. The interior gets a major overhaul too.

The dashboard is now a single analog tachometer flanked by two 7-inch digital displays. The entire dashboard is also straighter and made to resemble more closely the dashboard of the classic 911.

Stricter emission regulations meant the engine had to be reworked. The Carrera S still gets a turbocharged 3.0-liter flatsix, but it now uses piezo injection, has revised turbo housings, a new intake system, and more. Power is up 30hp to 444hp and it sprints from 0-100km/h in just 3.7 seconds - 0.2 seconds faster than its predecessor. Top speed is over 300km/h. Expect more versions of the 911 like the GTS and Turbo to be introduced in the future.

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