I’ve Got Play-ces To Be

This indoor play space boasts six amazing landscapes. Here’s why your kids will love this one-of-a-kind fun experience. By FELICIA WONG

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

This indoor play space boasts six amazing landscapes. Here’s why your kids will love this one-of-a-kind fun experience. By FELICIA WONG

My Reading Room
My Reading Room

The weather has been pretty unpredictable recently, so it’s no wonder many parents are turning to indoor spaces for their little one’s play dates, such as Playeum Children’s Centre for Creativity at Gillman Barracks.

While this non-profit space for kids has been around since 2015, it regularly changes its exhibitions, so there’s always a reason for a return visit.

Its latest one, Going Play-ces: A Wanderful Exploration of New Land, encourages your little ones to use their imaginations to explore a variety of landscapes, including the sea, jungle, outer space and more.

Here’s what your family can look forward to at this hands-on exhibition’s six am azing “Play-ces”.


When you first enter, you’ll be greeted by Homeland (pictured above), a fascinating floor-toceiling display made from an assortment of recycled materials from its previous exhibitions, such as wine crates, buckets and more.

Your little ones can leave behind their creations from The Future Maker Space to be displayed here, too.

Land of Light

Land of Light (pictured right) was inspired by the sun and aims to stimulate the sense of sight.

Children get to play with opacity and colours through handmade light structures.

During our visit, we found that this was the most popular space with younger kids.

My Reading Room
My Reading Room

The Beyond

Send your little ones on a journey through outer space.

Learn about reflection and refraction through play in this dark space (pictured far right), which features a wall of geometric shapes visitors can move around, a display of CDs and more.

Kids will also have fun with the small slide, which they can use to enter and exit the room.


Get away from Singapore’s urban landscape and embrace nature with Jungaloo (pictured top).

Children will love crawling through the man-made weave of recycled fabrics, ropes and strings in this space.

They will also be exposed to the outdoors through a large soil pit of varying heights.

Scrapper City

Playeum believes that there’s no such thing as waste, which is why Scrapper City (pictured far left) uses recycled materials to expand children’s imaginations.

This experimental space offers large scrap items, including tubes, hoses, tires and pipes, which are often regarded as trash.

Your little ones will think, imagine and collaborate with one another to come up with new ways of using these everyday materials.

The Future Maker Space

Your little tinkerers will have a blast here.

The space (pictured left) encourages them to deconstruct, reinvent, experiment and transform different types of industrial and electronic waste.

With features like a marble run wall, a display of old electronic waste, cupboards and drawers full of scrap material and more, it’s no wonder this is one of the most popular spaces in the exhibition.

The Going Play-ces: A Wanderful Exploration of New Lands exhibition runs until April 28, next year. Tickets are priced at $22 per child aged one to 12 years old; one accompanying adult per paying child enters for free. Each additional accompanying adult pays $10.

Find out more www.playeum.com