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Dehydration, redness, acne, dark spots, sagginess… we’ve found the first-aid essential for your skin woes.

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Dehydration, redness, acne, dark spots, sagginess… we’ve found the first-aid essential for your skin woes.


When skin looks tired, feels sluggish and starts to show the signs of ageing, it’s probably telling you that it’s in need of niacinamide. This combination of vitamin B3+ and nicotinic acid functions as a key cell-communicating ingredient, which plays an important role in the production of cellular energy and lipids. Simply put, niacinamide can help strengthen the skin barrier and help it become more resilient towards environmental aggressors.

• Redness Buster

Niacinamide has anti-inflammatory effects which is not only great at targeting acne and blemishes, but also mitigates the redness which they leave behind. Those suffering from psoriasis and rosacea will also find it beneficial to include products with this powerful ingredient, such as Skin Inc My Daily Dose Vitamin B3+ (Niacinamide) Serum (see right).

• Retains Moisture

Niacinamide helps increase the production of ceramides, which form an important component in the integrity of the lipid barrier. Stronger lipid barrier means that skin is able to protect itself against the environment, and at the same time, prevent moisture from being lost through the skin.

• No More Shine

When skin is able to retain moisture, it is less likely to produce even more sebum in a bid to replace lost moisture. Incorporating niacinamide in your skincare routine can help oily skin battle the problem of excessive sebum production.

• Spots, Begone!

Dark spots form when pigments transfer from the melanocytes (cells which produce melanin) to the epidermis, which is the topmost layer of the skin. Niacinamide is able to reduce the amount of pigmentation by slowing down its movement to help prevent future age spots, as well as lighten existing ones.

• Bringing Back Bounce

Niacinamide has been proven to stimulate cells in the dermis to produce collagen. Combined with a stronger skin barrier, this means that the skin is able to retain its firmness and the formation of lines and wrinkles is held off.


If you’re bothered by any of these skin woes, there’s an easy way to add niacinamide to your beauty routine. Skin Inc introduces the Vitamin B3+ (Niacinamide) Serum, $68 (10 ml), to its extensive My Daily Dose range. What’s notable about these serums is that Skin Inc uses patented encapsulating technology to contain the concentrated ingredients within tiny spheres to ensure potency upon application. This technology also allows for the concoction of three serums to be mixed without worrying about the incompatibility of ingredients. So you can have your own serum customised to suit your skin’s specific needs.

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