For performance-driven individuals seeking happiness, this bank might have the experiences they need.

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The Aristotelian concept of eudaemonia describes how happiness and everything it encompasses is the ultimate good. As more of us find ourselves in constant pursuit of that state, it’s no wonder then that personal growth and self-discovery are seeing a resurgence among Singapore’s well-heeled – think mindfulness, impact experiences and altruism over material wealth.

HSBC’s research reveals that we have one of the highest proportions of salaried millionaires in the world, and 40 per cent of those surveyed cited salaries or bonuses as their main source of income. Enduring economic growth over the decades has led to a rising number of affluent individuals who now prioritise self-fulfilment over wealth acquisition, and HSBC hopes to offer its Jade members curated opportunities that present thoughtful luxury and embrace self-development at its core.

Called The Enrich List, there are currently 50 experiences under the four pillars of adventure, wellness, giving back and self-enrichment.

Alice Fok, HSBC’s head of customer propositions and marketing says, “We want to go beyond offering the typical rewards and benefits currently available in the market. As such, we seek out partners who will enable us to curate unique experiences our customers would otherwise have limited access to.”

These include a pro-conservation safari at a private nature reserve, bespoke travel camps run by former Olympians and self-enrichment experts, and even boot camps in undisclosed locations that are run by ex-special forces operatives, who teach self-defence and other survival tactics in real-life scenarios.

By presenting transcendental experiences rather than typical luxury concierge services and airport transfers, the Enrich List changes what priority banking means – maybe just enough to get a taste of eudaemonia.

Denise Keller shows Jade members how she balances showbiz with wellness via Pranayama or the practice of breath control in yoga.
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Sidecar rides in Simon Wong’s vintage Vespas fund good causes.
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Alice Fok, head of customer proposition and marketing unveils the enrich List to HSBC Jade members.