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Improve your physical and emotional health with pilates.

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Improve your physical and emotional health with pilates.
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Kick-start your year with a pilates session, and we guarantee you won’t just stop at one. Doing pilates comes with tons of benefits. Here are just three reasons why you should sign up now.


Each pilates class consists of a careful blend of strength and flexibility training, which helps to build your body’s endurance and power. Not only do the classes build on your strength, they help to tone your muscles to give you a stronger and leaner physique as well.


Pilates also helps to improve your body posture and tone, as well as enhance your coordination and balance. If you have suffered from any injuries previously, doing pilates can help prevent them from recurring again.


Besides conditioning your body physically, pilates is also a time to give your mind a break from the stress you’re dealing with. After every session, you’ll leave feeling re-energised and ready to take on another busy day. From beginner to advance levels, or whether you’re looking for a private or group class, award-winning studio PowerMoves definitely has something for everyone. PowerMoves offers pilates classes both on the mat and the reformer, with a diverse range of movements and benefits from each class. With 100 classes weekly to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice!


PowerMoves is giving away 30 pilates workshop passes (each worth $150) to Shape readers for Jan 21 (Saturday, 2.30pm). This one-hour workshop will show you the benefits of pilates on both the mat and the reformer, and give you the chance to experience the exercise personally. Visit or call 6455-2221 to reser ve Shape #4 W1216-33/GekInk 1st Proof your spot now.

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