Sweatproof your hair

These chic styles are designed to stand up to whatever routines you do.

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These chic styles are designed to stand up to whatever routines you do.

6 workoutready looks

1 Swimming

You need: Hair you can slide a swim cap over, without getting a funky cone-head bump.
The perfect style: Tucked-up braids, say Lumi and Liri Pelinku, hair stylists for Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa in New York City. Divide hair down the middle. Create two low braids at the base of your neck; secure each with an elastic. Grab the end of the right braid, pull it across the back of your head, secure it with pins near your left ear. Repeat on the other side, crossing the left braid over the right.

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2 Yoga

You need: Hair that hangs tight during inversions and that provides a ponytailfree spot to lie back on for savasanas (so your neck stays in alignment).
The perfect style: Fishtail pigtails, says Jay Jackson, a senior stylist for DreamDry NYC. Divide hair down the middle; clip one side out of the way. Split the loose section in half. Take a half-inch-thick bunch of strands from the outside of the left half and cross it over the remaining strands in left half to pinch it in with the right half. Repeat on the other side. Continue this all the way down. Secure with an elastic. Repeat on the other half.

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3 Dance Cardio

You need: A style that keeps strands from sticking to your sweaty face but that you can still whip around.
The perfect style: A half-up topsy tail, Lumi and Liri Pelinku say. Pull top half of hair into a ponytail. Divide hair that’s above the elastic in half and loosen the band by pulling the pieces apart slightly. With one hand separating the sections, take the end of your ponytail in the other hand and loop it through the separated section. Pull and tighten.

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4 Cycling

You need: Something that fits under a helmet but keeps your neck cool.
The perfect style: Twisted minibuns, Lumi and Liri Pelinku say. Divide hair down the middle. Twist hair on one side at the base of your neck until it starts to naturally form a roll. Twist rolled section until hair is in a tight bun, and secure with an elastic. Repeat on opposite side.

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5 CrossFit

You need: Slick and secure hair that won’t fall out during tough moves like double-unders and kettlebell swings.
The perfect style: A bunched pony, says Josie Nevarez, a stylist for the Maxine Salon in Chicago. Secure hair tightly in a high ponytail. Add a smaller elastic a few inches below the base. Slightly bunch hair in the section. Continue adding elastics two inches apart and bunching hair until you reach the end.

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6 Running

You need: To keep strands out of your face without constant adjusting.
The perfect style: A braided headband, Nevarez says. Create a part horizontally from ear to ear to form a two-inch section of strands. Pull the rest into a ponytail. Then, create a sideways French braid: grab a small section above one ear and divide it into three pieces. As you braid over the crown of your head, add in outside strands to each piece every time you weave it. Continue until you reach the opposite ear. Secure with an elastic and tuck into the ponytail.

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