Can a 30-minute treatment improve your sex life?

A new non-surgical treatment for a woman’s most intimate area

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Some women visit their physicians to consult “rejuvenating” procedures for their face and body.

Viveve® is a new, non-surgical vaginal tightening treatment. “I have two small children who we love dearly, but I still want to enjoy physical relations with my husband,” one patient notes. “Things just felt different after the kids came, so I wanted to know if I could get that feeling back.”

The loss of sensation is very common after vaginal childbirth (even more so than stretch marks, weight gain or incontinence), and even over time for women who’ve not had children.

When this happens it can affect a couple’s physical relationship. With Viveve®, the physician inserts a small tip which delivers short pulses of cooling on the surface of the tissue and heating into the vaginal opening.

Clinical studies on Viveve showed significant tightening improvement after a 30-minute treatment, which activates the gradual natural formation of collagen over the next one to three months. At 12 months, 88% of the women surveyed expressed improvement and sustained tightness.

Patients are invited to schedule a follow-up visit in one year’s time to determine if a touch-up treatment is desired.

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