Got a relationship problem? JASON GODFREY, our man about town, is here to help.

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Got a relationship problem? JASON GODFREY, our man about town, is here to help.

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My boyfriend and I are in a stable relationship. But he always follows girls on Instagram, especially those who post selfies showing them skimpily dressed. The root of the problem is that he is always fantasising about other women. Is it a cause for concern?

Well, posting selfies showing one skimpily dressed is a secret to success on Instagram. Even I’ve considered it. A certain amount of fantasising isn’t bad; in fact, it’s natural – I’m sure you do it too. The trap is that Instagram is a neverending source of pictures of scantily clad girls. I think your man will grow out of this, but in the meantime, show him accounts of guys with rockhard abs. He may figure out that having your partner stare at members of the opposite sex all day just isn’t nice.

I’m really proactive about doing household chores, whereas my husband needs to be asked before he gets anything done. I’m tired of always taking the initiative. How can I make him step up?

Simple: Just divvy up the responsibilities before hand. Give him a bunch of stuff he has to handle, and if he doesn’t, the ship will fall apart. He should be more than able to deal with the challenge.

I met a UK man in Singapore on a short-term contract. After two months, he said he was serious about me and wants to permanently move here! I enjoy his company, but this seems hasty on his part. Is something amiss?

Oh, yes. Most likely this person from – let’s use air quotes here – the UK is some manner of confidence man trying to part you from your money, convert your family to a strange religious order that braids their armpit hair and eat all the food in your fridge! No, probably not. Sometimes, people fall hard, and it sounds like he has. His hastiness may be because he knows he can’t be with you unless he makes a choice now not to move back to the UK. If anything it just sounds like love, Enjoy it.

My husband has been retrenched, and it’s been a blow to his self-esteem. What can I do to help restore his confidence?

Now, more than ever, people shouldn’t define themselves by their jobs. Everything is too transitory and unstable. Help him see that he’s got what it takes to get back out there. You can always quote Rocky: Life ain’t about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. Macho truth.

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