Get shapely, well-defined eyebrows that look naturally lush with Kate Lasting Eyebrow W.

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Get shapely, well-defined eyebrows that look naturally lush with Kate Lasting Eyebrow W.

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The part brows play in enhancing one’s beauty can never be overstated. Well-shaped, well-groomed ones frame and balance out the face, and can, for instance, make your eyes look more awake or even more deep-set than they really are.

Helping you get them is Kate Lasting Eyebrow W ($23.50). This slim, dual-ended pencil-powder hybrid has a long-lasting formula that’s safe for use on the sensitive eye area, and comes in two variants: FL (flat lead) and SL (slim lead).

Both have a pencil at one end and a sponge applicator at the other. The difference? The FL, with its wide, flat pencil, is good for creating the thick, lush brows trending now, while the SL, with its slimmer, round pencil, is better for a gentler, more delicate-looking pair of brows.

Whichever style you favour, Kate Lasting Eyebrow W makes it easy for you to create your desired brows. All you have to do is fill them in with the pencil, then use the sponge applicator on the other end (this is dusted with the eyebrow powder housed in its cap) to blend the pencil lines in, shape the brows and soften the look for a more natural effect.

Both variants are available in two colours: BR-1 Light Brown and BR-3 Natural Brown.

Kate products are available at selected FairPrice Finest, FairPrice Xtra, OG, John Little, Nishino Pharmacy, Sa sa and Watsons.


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If you’re more used to powders, get Kate Designing Eyebrow N ($20.50). This palette houses eyebrow powders in three shades – these can also be used along the brows and on the nose bridge for a contouring effect. Available in two colour combinations: EX-4 Light Brown and EX-5 Brown.