What you love, loathe and want more of ...

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What you love, loathe and want more of ...

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Winning letter
Winning letter

Thanks for raising cancer awareness
Reading articles about cancer survivors, like “My Dad Had Breast Cancer, and So Did I” (Oct), always touches my heart. I was very young when my mother told us she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. She put up a brave front, but I knew she was in great pain. I remember living my childhood with fear and worry. Three years after the diagnosis, she passed on – it was too soon, Mum. Life is so fragile and unpredictable; we must cherish our loved ones before it’s too late. Thank you, Her World, for raising awareness about the Big C. Brigitte

I got my first mammogram… at 52!
I turn 52 this year, and was encouraged to make my first mammogram appointment and start doing my own check-ups regularly after reading “My Dad Had Breast Cancer – and So Did I”. I now realise that breast cancer can happen to anyone, whether they have a history of cancer in their family or not. Thank you, Her World!  Surinah Eksan

Girl power
Love the message of empowerment in your October issue, especially in #girlsquadgoals. It would be a pity if we felt threatened by or jealous of other women’s achievements, instead of feeling inspired to better ourselves. Also, kudos to you for showcasing women who boldly embrace their “flaws” in Love Yourself. I showed it to my daughters, and hope it will fuel their journey towards a positive body image. Cookie-cutter beauty ideals are so yesterday. Rachel Chung

Your fave snaps
Got a picture of your favourite buys? Or just want to tell us about something interesting that made you smile? Share your photos (in high resolution) and stories with us at . Winners will be notified via e-mail.

A celebration of love. Joelle
A celebration of love. Joelle
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