Shades of perfection

Choose your next great hair colour with the experts at the cottage.

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Choose your next great hair colour with the experts at the cottage.

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The right hair colour does wonders for your look: It can brighten your complexion, make you appear more youthful, and even give you a healthy glow. So it’s important to work with the best hair-colouring professionals to find out what suits you.

For the latest trends and top advice, turn to the stylists at Japanese hair salon the cottage, which specialises in colouring treatments and Japanese-style precision cuts.

Ahead of the curve

Your go-to specialist for colour is Yoshimasa Urakami. Th e award-winning 31-year-old colourist has had more than 10 years of hair-colouring experience, and is an expert in highlights. He is able to quickly assess your hair’s condition and face shape to help you achieve the best possible colour that will bring out your features and complement your style.

Urakami is one of five Japanese stylists at the salon, which also has one local stylist who is trained in Japanese-style cuts. All keep in touch with the latest hair trends in Japan so that they can help customers stay fashionable all year round.

Colours that won’t drain your wallet

Patronised by Singaporean and other Asian celebrities, the cottage promises that its hair-colour treatments are world-class, yet aff ordable. Depending on your hair length and desired hue, prices can go as low as $120. Add $90 for a women’s wash and cut, and $70 for a men’s wash and cut. The salon prioritises client satisfaction and loyalty, so it will provide you with a discount if you book in advance, or inform you about its many promotions.

The special treatment

From the moment you enter the cottage, staff will help you get settled in a welcoming space that’s simple, modern and open. The cool colours and no-frills interior are designed to make customers feel relaxed – like they’re taking a break in a cosy sanctuary. You’ll leave the salon feeling pampered, and with a flattering hair colour that enhances your natural beauty.

Part of Devonshire Selected Beauty Salons, the cottage is located on the second fl oor of 113 Devonshire Road. Call 6334-7898 for an appointment, or visit for more information.

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Japanese expertise

Yoshimasa Urakami, who has more than 10 years of haircolouring experience, is one of the few Japanese colourists in Singapore specialising in highlights. His skills and technique have helped him win various competitions in Japan, such as the Wella Trend Vision in 2008, the Japan Hair Color Live Contest in 2008 and 2013, and Milbon Designers Ability in 2011 and 2012.