It might be the holidays, but that doesn’t mean kids can’t get a brain boost that combines fun with academic enrichment. These courses will help junior up their performance at school, while having loads of fun at the same time

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It might be the holidays, but that doesn’t mean kids can’t get a brain boost that combines fun with academic enrichment. These courses will help junior up their performance at school, while having loads of fun at the same time
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Before attending I Am Gifted, my daughter was addicted to games and had no focus. By the end of the five days, she was motivated and determined to realise her dreams to pursue art at a tertiary level.


E-mail operations@learninghorizon.com.sg to sign up Join the dynamic duo, Lulu and Hugo, on a Starlab Planetarium tour to learn more about the starry inhabitants of the night sky. From hunting for moon rocks and practising space-inspired yoga poses, to solving mysteries and creating a solar space with prototyping toys, three- to five-year-olds can learn about the solar system and let their imaginations run wild at these sessions.



Picking up Mandarin will be so much fun at Little Mandarins’ weekly halfday themed holiday camps. Filled with interactive activities, students aged four to nine can embark on a rainforest adventure or even a virtual tour of China. Along the way, they will gain an appreciation for the language through a hands-on environment, storytelling, speech and drama, songs, games, arts and crafts, brush painting and writing.



Backed by neuroscientists and favoured by go-getter parents, I Am Gifted’s holiday programmes encourage kids to embrace learning and score both in school and in life.

The programmes, for kids aged from six to 19, take them out of their comfort zone through hands-on activities, games, dramatisation and meaningful play. The goal: For children to shift their mindsets and attitudes, and get a taste of what it is like to take the lead.
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This June holidays, Lorna Whiston is offering a range of English enrichment or speech and drama holidayprogrammes. Designed to boost children’s confidence and hone their language skills, programmes include activities like the Be a YouTuber camp.

Created for those aged seven to nine, the five-day digital media production experience covers storyboarding, filming and editing. Another programme, Decode the Code 1: Mythical Beasts, involves creative writing skills, animation, an oral presentation and even coding to exercise their problemsolving and narrative skills.



You can always count on The Learning Lab’s holiday programmes to be fun and creative, so as to nurture a child’s love for learning. This holiday period, young campers will embark on a journey of learning through safarithemed programmes that involve play, craft and a wide variety of hands-on activities. Kids as young as five years old will discover more about the African savannah, and learn how flora and fauna survive in this ecosystem.



A whirlwind of excitement awaits preschoolers at Julia Gabriel’s superhero-themed speech and drama workshops. Preschoolers will be immersed in a language-rich environment through rhymes, drama, stories and songs, while kindergartenaged readers can join a quest to identify consonants and vowels. Finally, primary school children will create and present their tales of heroic adventure.



Early exposure to language is crucial for the development of language skills. Babies from six months old, right up to kids in Primary 3, can enroll in Chengzhu’s lineup of Chinese language programmes. Its Keep Fit Panda class will help bubs pick up physical, social and communication skills through play, as they participate in activities like art and educational games. Meanwhile, preschoolers can participate in fun cultural activities, such as speech and drama, puppetry, music and nursery rhymes.



Founded by National University of Singapore graduates, Explorer Junior runs programmes for children aged from two to six. Younger kids can learn about engineering and basic electronics by making fairy lights and other circuits, while older ones will get to prototype and construct lights and circuits. Mini inventors can also recreate Leonardo Da Vinci’s inventions through the Da Vinci Code workshop.



Learning takes place beyond the classroom and in the real world at the five-day Crazy Science camp by Whizz Kidz. Students are immersed into an imaginary world to role-play as evil minions of a mad scientist or idealistic creators in an ancient era—all while picking up concepts of science, technology, three-dimensional printing, Lego robotics and film-making.