Regain your confidence with Bioskin’s MHP service.

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Regain your confidence with Bioskin’s MHP service.

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As we age, our hair spends more time in the resting phase of the growth cycle, which is when it falls out. An extended resting phase means increased hair loss over time.

Combine this with an unhealthy lifestyle, stress, hormonal changes, excessive chemical hair treatments, and even constant exposure to damaging UV rays, and one ends up with a weakened scalp, which causes more hair loss and makes what’s left fine, dry and brittle. The end result is thinning hair and bald patches that affect how one looks and feels.

While wigs are an easy solution, they can look unnatural and feel uncomfortable. You could opt for hair transplants, but this invasive surgical treatment is costly and painful.

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Bioskin offers a simpler, more effective alternative: Medical+ Hair Prosthesis (MHP) to help you regain your crowning glory and confidence.

The MHP service starts by identifying the area of existing or potential hair loss. A mould of the area is then created, while a replica of your skull is made to ensure a perfect fit.

The customised service uses 100 per cent natural human hair from a hair bank, that has never been chemically treated. It is matched with your own hair colour, length, thickness and even waviness.

Then it is fixed onto an artificial skin base made from medical polyurethane, a medical-grade polymer used in body implants. This ensures the base is bio-compatible with your skin, so your scalp can function naturally while it is on.

Finally, a trained Bioskin consultant attaches the base to your scalp with a contact gel that can be easily removed with a unique deactivator. You now have a full head of hair.


Aftercare is easy. To keep the MHP base in good, clean condition, it needs to be sterilised at Bioskin every month where the sanitisation of the MHP base is done with the use of ultrasound equipment.

You can wash, style or even colour your hair as before. And where wigs and hair transplant treatments may prevent you from participating in outdoor activities, you can confidently use the gym or sauna, and swim or dive with ease with the MHP.

A non-invasive and dermatologically tested system, MHP is also suitable for those with persistently brittle hair and white hair, and can even be done on those with existing hair extensions. With results lasting from three to five years, this is truly the answer to common hair loss woes.

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