It takes a lot to be young and a #boss but Whitney Allen is slaying with her business in digital media marketing.

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Age is just a number and Whitney Allen proves it with her business 

It all stemmed from her pure love for journalism since she was young and it didn’t take long after graduating from college for Whitney Allen to establish her own digital media marketing platform WhitneyTalks in 2016. The platform aims to help millennial artistes, designers and entrepreneurs alike gain the publicity they deserve through exclusive interviews. Shortly after, she went on to launch a networking events series Young Entrepreneurs with Talks in 2017 to offer young men and women in America the platform for exchanging ideas. As a millennial entrepreneur herself, Whitney shares with #TeamCLEO some of her best tips on how to keep your thead high when the going gets tough. 

NAME Whitney Allen

AGE 24

OCCUPATION CEO & Founder of WhitneyTalks 

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The #girlboss of WhitneyTalks 

Talk us through the work you do with WhitneyTalks.

The WhitneyTalks brand is a digital media marketing platform. I originally started with the Talks show, documenting interviews of those who are upcoming in music and entertainment, followed by the event series Young Entrepreneurs with Talks — a resourceful platform for millennial entrepreneurs to distribute innovative knowledge with one another and provide an avenue for all moguls to establish potential relationships.

How did it all start out?

With a simple plan, I knew my target audience and created a sustainable platform.

Who/what was your source of inspiration and support?

I’ve realised I had to take responsibility for that, as I am my own source of inspiration. But, I’m always inspired by many iconic women in the industry that have paved the way such as Oprah Winfrey.

Which was the most memorable interview that you’ve presented?

I’ve interviewed my brother, Wallace a few times. As an upcoming artiste from Houston, his hard work and creativity still inspires me to this day.

What’s the reason behind choosing millennials as the target audience?

It’s relatable, and that’s what people want! I’ve chosen that specific audience because of the everyday struggles I’ve faced and overcome. 

“Remain authentic to your craft and surround yourself with other inspiring individuals.” 

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Whitney hosts networking events involving young entrepreneurs 

What’s your advice for young women like you who aspire to be entrepreneurs?

“Keep going, girl!” Network with other women within your industry. Stay focused and consistent.

What are the challenges you’ve faced?

Staying consistent and not taking ‘no’ for an answer. Self-motivation is the key! What are your tips on maintaining a work-life balance? Knowing when to turn off and on. I struggle with this daily, it is an ongoing process. Keep your head up, remain authentic to your craft and surround yourself with other inspiring individuals.

What are your goals and future plans for WhitneyTalks?

[For] the WhitneyTalks events [to be] covered globally, reaching many entrepreneurs and partnering with brands that I admire. As for the Talks show, we will continue to create a platform to highlight budding artistes, through interviews and press.

To hear and read content made for millennials, visit whitneytalks.com