What your favourite breakfast

You are what you eat, even when it comes to what you’re like between the sheets.

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You are what you eat, even when it comes to what you’re like between the sheets.
123RF.com, Corbis, TPG/Click Photos
123RF.com, Corbis, TPG/Click Photos


You can barely function throughout the day without a cuppa joe. You don’t care whether it’s an Americano, or a traditional Kopi-O kosong – as long as you get your caffeine hit.

The analysis: You’re all about getting down to business and being in control in the sack. With your no-nonsense, nofrills kind of attitude, it’s likely to be a wham-bam, thank you ma’am situation – because who has time for foreplay, mood lighting or scented candles? Also, morning sex might just be up your alley, too – after all, like coffee, it gives you that boost to start your day.


Out of the box and into the bowl with a splash of full-cream milk. Predictable but hey, it does the job of giving you the nourishment you need to last the morning.

The analysis: Like your breakfast, your sex life is somewhat on the simple side. You don’t have a whopping appetite so as long as you’re getting it on a regular basis, you’re cool. And you’re not really one for fancy moves, so having the same thing all the time doesn’t diminish your enjoyment of the act. Well, perhaps you might want to switch it up a bit? Cereal with some nuts and fruit on the side can taste really good.


Forget fancy breakfasts. The first meal of the day has to be made with heart and soul, and homemade toast with a variety of spreads to choose from hits your sweet spot every time.

The analysis: You’re as classic as it gets. Sex is pure intimacy and love-making for you and there’s always eye gazing, sweet whispers and post-coital spooning involved. You’re romantic, and not very adventurous in your bedroom affairs. But what’s the harm in taking a walk on the wild side once in a while to keep things interesting?


When you do breakfast, you go all out with an elaborate, Insta-worthy plate of French toast. Problem is, by the time you’ve taken the shot, the food’s cold.

The analysis: To you, sex is an elaborate process starting with a top-to-toe grooming and waxing session, before you set the mood with candles and a The Weeknd album. And god forbid you forget the clean sheets. You put a lot of eff ort into making things perfect, but perhaps a good ol’ quickie from time to time will spice up your sex life.


The poached egg with hollandaise sauce looks like a picture of grace and elegance, but when you start digging in, it’s a big, sloppy mess of egg, bread and parma ham – just the way you like it.

The analysis: You’re the sort who wouldn’t mind it a little freaky and messy, and that’s a secret only your man knows about. You have a short attention span in bed, so your man needs to be able to keep up with you.


You’ve got the bacon strips, roasted potatoes with rosemary, scrambled eggs, sausages, toast, and pancakes all piled up high on your plate. Also, not forgetting the side of hashbrowns still cooking. You started first because you couldn’t wait.

The analysis: Girl, you’ve got a voracious appetite and really aren’t afraid to feed it. Or talk about it, either. But here’s the kicker: if you’re a slow eater and take your time to savour your monstrous breakfast, chances are you’re the ultimate queen when it comes to your sex life. You take your time with only one goal in mind – full, mind-blowing satisfaction.


It’s a simple breakfast of yam cake, but the kicker lies in that dollop of spicy chilli.

The analysis: Who wakes up feeling like they want to eat “orh kueh”? Not many. You’re unpredictable and will basically be up for trying new things. You’ve got the vanilla sex down pat, but when it comes to adding flavours and spicing up your sex life, you’ll go all out and surprise your partner with some very interesting choices.


The best thing about Nasi Lemak is that with its variety of ingredients, you could literally eat it every day for a week and still get different permutations of that breakfast. Otah today, fish tomorrow, and a chicken wing the day after? No problem.

The analysis: It’s all about choice and variety for you – moves, setting and timing. You hate being stuck to a single routine and prefer to mix it up with a couple of new moves every time to feel excited and invigorated. So morning sex, bathroom sex, sex standing up, staycation sex – whatever it is, you’ve tried them all and wouldn’t say no to repeat sessions if it rocks your boat.