5 minutes with... ANDREAH

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

5 minutes with... ANDREAH 

This singer-songwriter is one to watch – she’s shared the stage with bands like The Script and RoadTrip, and recently collaborated with LA-based producer Qura, who has worked with the likes of Christina Aguilera to produce her new single “Best Friend”. Here are five things to know about her. 

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She’s got more than one musical style. 

“It’s hard to categorise my music into just one style or genre. My songs can be indie, pop and even soft rock… different styles [make up] different songs.”

“Best Friend” has a personal story behind it. 

“I wrote it for my best friend, Karen. She’s the closest friend I’ve ever had, and when I found out she was moving away, I was really upset and didn’t know how to manage my emotions. I turned to music as my way of escaping the [sadness].” 

She gets her musical inspiration everywhere. 

“I’d say each of my songs has its own inspiration, and that [the ideas behind them are usually inspired by different events]. I also get inspiration from the most random things.” 

She thinks everyone should be on stage at least once.

“I feel like everyone, at least once in their lives, should feel what it’s like to be on stage in front of many people. I learnt so much about myself and I have found what I’m passionate about – music and performing. I also learnt how to be confident and how to have fun – ultimately, music and performing should always be fun.” 

Five things that make her happy... 

“Music, friends, family, football and chocolate (Galaxy chocolate bars in particular!).”