Follow these practical tips on how to end that Tinder drought once and for all.

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Follow these practical tips on how to end that Tinder drought once and for all.

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The online dating world is already full of fancy algorithms and formulas, but for getting a date, why not try good ol’ data instead? A paper published by the London School of Medicine analysed over 80 studies related to dating, psychology and behavioural science, and used those results to extrapolate an action plan for an online dating profile. So here’s how to get him to swipe right, according to statistics

1.The As have it

If you need a username, create one that starts with the letters “A-M”. According to the paper, “a variety of measures of success are correlated with names higher up in the alphabet”. This apparently extends to success on OkCupid, too.

2. Smile like you mean it

While physical appearance comes out trumps in photos, there are things you can do to skew things further in your favour. “A genuine smile, one that crinkles up your eyes” will get good hits, and so will tilting your head slightly. The best colour to wear for a profile pic plays on his primal instincts: red.

3. Say it in rhy me

The recommended way to start a conversation is with a short, positive remark. Keep it personal – address the person’s profile or photo. But the authors caution, “We routinely reject unrealistically positive views of ourselves,” so don’t go overboard. Surprisingly, cheesy rhymes may also be the way to go as rhyming poetry has an instinctive appeal. Who knew?

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