How Healthy Are You?

Put your food and fitness habits to the ultimate test, and figure out how in shape you really are. Ready, set...

Portrait of Tammy Strobel
Put your food and fitness habits to the ultimate test, and figure out how in shape you really are. Ready, set...
Corbis/Click Photos
Corbis/Click Photos
When you need a nudge to get off the couch and into the gym, you…

A) Promise yourself you’ll do it, but only after you’ve re-watched the last season of Game of Thrones.

B) Open up your Instagram feed for ab-tastic fitspo.

C) Text one of your friends to tee up a Pilates date.

D) Laugh. You’ve been to the gym twice today.

As a daily breakfast ritual, you like to have...

A) A coffee or energy drink. Oh, not to mention, a couple of Kit Kats too.

B) A skim latte and a banana. You eat on the run.

C) A slice of wholemeal toast with some scrambled eggs, or oats with fruit.

D) An egg white omelette (no yolk), a protein shake (only of the whey variety), plus a black coffee.

It’s three days out from a massive party. You…

A) Bury your outfit anxiety with some Ben & Jerry’s.

B) Take on a three-day juice cleanse. And finish it.

C) Get excited! You’re keen for drinks and dancing.

D) Up the intensity of your workouts and lay off the carbs, so you’ll look fit.

One of your favourite bites to eat has to be…

A) Breakfast, lunch, dinner – OK, all of the above.

B) Feasting on chocolate, but sometimes I feel guilty.

C) Sometimes I like to indulge after a workout – hello there, guilt-free Nutella cronut.

D) You don’t snack often and stick to three meals a day.

You exercise and eat healthily because…

A) You don’t. You wish you did, but it’s just too hard.

B) You want to look as hot as a Victoria’s Secret model.

C) You love getting those post-gym endorphins.

D) You’ll be doing a triathlon in a couple of months.

On a night out, your beverage of choice is…

A) A creamy cocktail. Yum!

B) Sparkling wine, thanks.

C) Vodka, soda and lime. And a tequila shot (or two).

D) It’s always soda water.

You believe you don’t need the wasted calories you can get from alcohol If you could pick any big celebrity to look like, it would have to be...

A) No one. Thinking about this is just depressing.

B) ’90s Kate Moss. She was seriously smoking hot. Oh wait, she still is.

C) Beyoncé or maybe Jennifer Lawrence. But you think it’s more about their attitudes than anything else.

D) No one. You look up to the people you contend with at sporting events.

If we were to peek inside your weekly workout schedule, it would show...

A) The two or three times you walked to and from your bus stop in the last week.

B) A run two times a week. That’s the aim, anyway.

C) A mixture of cardio and strength sessions at least three times a week.

D) Twice-daily training, which you do five times a week. You feel guilty if you don’t .

You answered...

Mostly As: Let’s take baby steps

You’ve heard all the research about how an unhealthy lifestyle leads to problems including heart disease, type-2 diabetes and obesity. While it’s not that you don’t care about your health – you really do want to change things – it’s just too overwhelming to tackle. Personal trainer and well-being coach Blake Worrall- Thompson, founder of fitness program 6 Weeks To Sexy, says it’s about starting small. “You can’t nail every aspect of eating well and exercising straight away,” he says. If you’re only going to change one thing about your diet, he recommends eating a protein-rich brekkie of omelettes every day. As for exercise, find a buddy who will go for a lunchtime walk with you. These small changes will make a massive difference to your health.

Mostly Bs: Mission fit-possible

You’re all about being trim and toned, but doing juice cleanses or cutting out food groups isn’t the way to go about it. Studies have shown doing these things actually lead to weight gain in the long term. “The girls who have lost 15kg or more with me have done it gradually,” says Worrall-Thompson. “Being healthy becomes part of their life.” He suggests cutting back on refined sugars and to eat wholefoods as much as possible. One great lunch option is eating a serving of lean chicken with a dense salad filled with avocado and nuts. Plus, signing up to a fitness group is also a good way to get in a healthier frame of mind.

Mostly Cs: On the right track

You understand that you don’t have to be obsessed with your food and fitness to get the results you want. After all, you have friends to catch up with, parties to attend and your life to live! But if you do find yourself overindulging, Worrall-Thompson says not to worry too much, because you already know how great you feel when you’re healthy and that you won’t want to feel out of sync for too long. And you’re not alone in this. Worrall-Thompson even admits to having three desserts after competing in a recent sporting event. “It was amazing! But I was back on the healthy bandwagon soon after.” Just make sure that you continue to exercise around three to five times a week and eat lots of nutritious wholefoods.

Mostly Ds: Why so serious?

Are you surprised you even had time to do this quiz? Well, that might have something to do with the fact that you’re running on the treadmill as you read this. Your commitment to a healthy lifestyle is incredible; you just have to ensure you don’t veer towards an unhealthy obsession. One telling sign: you’re extremely stressed when you don’t eat the “right” foods. “It’s an unhealthy headspace,” says Worrall-Thompson. Also, you need to be careful of overtraining, as this can lead to injury, plus the possibility of illness due to a lowered immune system. “Training more than once is a day is obsessive unless it’s sports specific,” Worrall-Thompson explains. He says that you will be able to get the results you need in a high-intensity 45-minute session. If you aren’t, try CrossFit or boxing.