She’s Got Talent

Leading the pack and jamming to her own beat? Head Mouseketeer Charis Ow shows us how it’s done.

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Top and skirt, Charis’s own 

Bright, bubbly and full of energy, it’s no surprise that Malaysian YouTuber Charis Ow landed the role as Head Mouseketeer for this region’s Disney’s Club Mickey Mouse. The petite multi-talent launched her first single “Supernova” in 2018, and her career has been on an upward trajectory ever since. From producing music to being the face of a huge Disney production, we just don’t know how she does it all! She has since amassed young fans who just love her K-pop style and her bright new beats. Brimming with talent, Charis opens up to #TeamCLEO about how she landed her role as Head Mouseketeer, what it’s like on set and how her career has grown leaps and bounds. 

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Jacket, Levi’s; white top (worn inside), pink spaghetti top, red mermaid skirt and shoes, Charis’s own 

Tell us about your role as Head Mouseketeer. I am like the ‘big sister’ of the group and I have the responsibility to be a role model to the Mouseketeers, and kids everywhere! The Mouseketeers are like my younger siblings, and I enjoy being there for them, listening to them, and giving them advice when they need it.

How were you chosen for this role? Back in 2017, my then-manager sent me a poster to audition for a show that requires me to sing, dance, act and host! I was intrigued but when I read that they were looking for someone aged 18 to 24, I told her, “I’m over the age limit!” (I was 26 back then.) She then told me that the production house wanted me to try out anyway so I went for the audition without any expectations. I sang “Part Of Your World” from The Little Mermaid and danced a few K-pop routines, acted and hosted. Two weeks later, I got a call-back! One week later, they told me I was selected as Head Mouseketeer.

What has been your favourite moment so far on set? My favourite thing about being on the show is to be able to spend time with the Mouseketeers. Although we are working, they have always made the experience so fun! We would always try our best and make time for each other. Besides that, we also get to connect with kids who watch our show (Club Mickey Mouse is aired across Southeast Asia!) and families on topics they find relevant and entertaining. It means so much to us and we have done so well that Club Mickey Mouse is the number one show on Disney Channel! 

“It has been my dream come true to be a performing artiste because I simply love entertaining!” 

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Mouseketeer varsity jacket, top (worn inside) and skirt, Charis’s own 

What would you say is the most challenging bit of what you do? Every episode we film required us to do something different, like a new dance move, or a new song, or acting in a new comedy skit. We are fortunate to have support and training from Disney.

Have you always been able to dance and perform? I have always loved to sing, dance and perform since I was a little girl. I simply love entertaining! I never really took classes but I surrounded myself with people who love dancing and this helped me to be more active in dancing. Also when I got casted for Club Mickey Mouse, we train really hard before the season starts.

Tell us a bit about your singing career. I’m super-blessed to have self-produced two singles so far in 2018 — “Supernova” and “Could This Be Love”. I couldn’t have done it with the generous and kind souls in my life such as Audi Mok, Shazee, Kimberly, Omar K, John Jeeves, Fabian, Sarah, U-Jinn, Caleb, Jiven and everyone who contributed that made these music videos a success! [I’ve released] my third single in September and it’s about self-love, self-empowerment and just being true to yourself.

What is your beauty routine? I start off with a cleanser, toning lotion, facial treatment essence, serum and finish off with a moisturiser. In the day, I apply sunscreen and at night, I use a leave-on mask.

Describe your personal style. To be honest, I don’t have a ‘set’ style. My current style inspirations are Jennie and Rosé from BLACKPINK, Aimee Song and other K-pop artistes. What is it like in a day of your life? Every day is different! Sometimes, I’m out and about, meeting clients, at shoots, attending events and recording music in the studio. Other times I stay at home, film videos for YouTube, plan my content, brainstorm ideas for my next project, secure collabs and even work on proposals.