Fiona Arrigo

The intuitive healer, mentor and life teacher facilitates personal journeys of change

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The intuitive healer, mentor and life teacher facilitates personal journeys of change

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“I would not say I’m a therapist, but a healer and mentor,” says Fiona Arrigo, when I meet with her in her London home. While therapeutically trained, she is more a muse, or wise woman, and her work has a strong philosophical slant. 

I was scheduled for a three-hour mind cleanse, intrigued by how my mind could be ‘cleansed’ in just a few hours? “This particular programme was developed from the angle of being given time to process and assess, with time being the most precious commodity,” Arrigo explains. 

While Arrigo says it is not a matter of being ‘cured’ in three hours, she finds that a typical 60- to 90-minute session only adds pressure to busy lives. “So by giving a body of time, where there is no rush, and you have time to receive, to be, to process and hear your own wisdom; often clients establish a relationship with their mind and consciousness. I go with the flow of what is happening, rather than feeling we need to use every second. If you are ‘cooked’ in two hours, then we don’t stretch it out.” But when are we ‘cooked’?  “You just know when it’s complete,” she replies, smiling. 

A qualified psychotherapist and biodynamic psychologist, Arrigo has a passion for ancient philosophies and teachings. Having experienced adversity during childhood and early adulthood, and relearning how to walk after two serious car accidents, she met phenomenal teachers along the way. 

Arrigo has the gift of insight and clarity, and her work is gentle yet potentially life changing, combining ancient healing practices with contemporary scientifically grounded research. “I’m passionate about this philosophical inquiry into where we sit in the world and how we interrelate. I absolutely believe that the body is the healer for the mind. There is beauty in honouring and listening to your body and being, that nourishes you at the core.” 

The concept of wellness as a woman sitting gracefully at end of infinity pool sipping her green juice, Arrigo says is “a misrepresentation, as most of us have real lives – a partner, a job, and children. It’s through finding some equilibrium, through your own power of investigation, that you become a better human being. It’s this discipline of taking yourself seriously, and finding the time to do it, that becomes your anthropological journey of finding you. We have all detoxed and retooled, now life is calling us at a much deeper level we need to take the preciousness of life more seriously. As women we need to foster and cultivate the depth of our female wisdom – aspects like the wise woman, the giver and nurturer. She is the healer, the inclusive one who can bind life in a very wise way.” 

The Arrigo Programme in Somerset UK, India and New York is curated based on her clients’ needs. Arrigo knows who and what is required to bring about that deep transformation. Take Somerset for example. Here a team of up to 25 healers (some flown in especially for the sessions) work with clients experiencing grief, addiction, trauma, depression and exhaustion, guiding them through a journey in a nurturing environment. 

Days are committed to in-depth emotional exploration and physical healing through hands-on bodywork, psychotherapy and philosophical inquiry. “There is a profound energy and emotional shift when very precise bodywork is applied, which helps clear your mental body and remove stress so more of you becomes available. All these years later I’m still gobsmacked at what is possible.” 

What started 40 years ago as a passion for helping women rebalance their lives is now an intense transformational package designed to help men, women, couples, mothers and daughters get to the root of their issues. “I’m always looking at the journey and weaving the connections,” says Arrigo. “If I have a gift, it’s very strong intuition – an almost immediate response to where a person is at. I hone it quickly. I can feel your being.” And after just over two hours of my personal inquiry, I can vouch for that. While I wasn’t fully ‘cooked’ (that will come soon) I knew it was complete and left feeling freer and emotionally clearer than I have in years.