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Italian builder absolute yachts expresses the ideals of innovation, expansion, style and luxury.

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Italian builder absolute yachts expresses the ideals of innovation, expansion, style and luxury.

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DESPITE THE RELATIVELY young history of the Absolute Shipyard founded in 2002 in Piacenza near Milan in Italy, the company’s founders and current owners have been part of the nautical world for a long time and, nowadays, the shipyard is one of the main figures in the global boat industry.

The entire life cycle of Absolute power yachts takes place in the factory, where everything has been designed to maximise efficiency in the production process, safety and respect for the environment – from structural design to assembly, the yacht testing pool to the promotion and finalised sale. Technology and innovation permeate the whole site – geothermal system for air-conditioning in production departments allows for the steady temperature of deep water (approximately 150 metres deep), without stealing it from the aquifer. This structure is supported by automation for the control and processing of the various environmental parameters in the production departments: ventilation, air cleaning, temperature, brightness, etc. The implementation of a vertical warehouse, totally automated, provides the production lines with all necessary components in a just-in-time manner.

In March, Absolute will begin an expansion of the manufacturing floor area from the current 17,000sqm to 24,200sqm and is expected to be operational by November. More staff are being hired, and efforts continue to optimise and streamline the various stage of the production process.

Absolute’s objectives have always been linked to creating innovative and luxurious power yachts, both from the stylistic and the technological points of view. The look towards the future is well expressed through the first slogan “The Absolute Wave”, in which the image of a wave expresses in a really evocative way the path of innovation that goes on without stopping, never forgetting its origins. Later the company strongly signified its international pulse, as well as its deeply rooted national identity, with the message “From Italy with love”.

The company’s trump card is the progressive and constant expansion of its commercial network and the consequent diversification of markets. Absolute’s production headquarters is in Italy, but the commercial network is extended well beyond its borders thanks to investments in the rest of Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. Absolute lists 35 dealers in 24 countries spread across all continents, and growing.

Absolute has always looked to foreign markets. In 2003, it began taking part in the Cannes Yachting Festival and exporting to other European markets, such as France, Spain, Croatia and Germany.

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Over the next 5 years, its constant and progressive expansion brought Absolute to Russia, Jordan, Turkey, Australia and more, giving ship owners all over the world the chance to know and appreciate the quality and elegance of the boats from Piacenza. Each market has its needs. For this reason, Absolute motor yachts cover four different ranges – Flybridge, SportYacht, SportLine, and the newborn Navetta. This is the result of feedback given by the dealers all over the world, a big family that cooperates with the company in order to proceed in the path of innovation and to always be competitive in every market.

Managers and technicians of renowned competence and experience lead the shipyard, providing guidelines to a young and enterprising team in seven departments: Technical, Sales, Administration, Purchasing, IT, Warehouse, and Manufacturing.

This journey in the nautical world has “just” begun and it is making Absolute and Piacenza known wherever there are seas, marinas and people passionate about boating.
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