Building for the future

Tomorrow’s clean and sustainable marinas have to be built today.

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Tomorrow’s clean and sustainable marinas have to be built today.

Marina under construction in Turkey.
Marina under construction in Turkey.

AT A TIME WHEN waterfront development becomes a major concern in Asian urban planning – with yachts and marina infrastructures flourishing all over the continent – the developers, investors and governments have the opportunity to make the right investment decisions.

Indeed, marinas are designed and built to last more than 35 years. With changing regulations, and a trend to provide more and more sustainable equipment, it seems mandatory for stakeholders to be pro-active in promoting the construction of clean harbours.

At Poralu Marine, we’ve been focusing from the early beginning on supplying the most innovative solutions to limit the impact of marina installations on the environment. The design of products and services, and the R&D investment policy, firmly stick to this development philosophy.

Our vision of marinas in the future is based on a simple fact stating that floating constructions are made for a limited period of time. Why not then re-use, or even better, re-sell this equipment once its primary life ends?

Marine-grade aluminium docking system have got this incredible faculty of being long lasting, strong, corrosion-free and endlessly recyclable in comparison to other materials that could be used in floating pontoon construction.

Combined with our Ecostyle® decking system and high-quality PE floats, a marina surprisingly becomes 95% recyclable – with, therefore, a decent resale value on the market.

Building “green” is a big step ahead, but protecting the existing nature, your work tool, is a duty. In order to offer our customers the most innovative systems, we extended our developments to provide eco-friendly mooring and anchoring technologies.

Strong regulations in Europe for underwater flora and coral preservation made the use of piles and concrete blocks undesirable in certain areas. Poralu Marine designed the Ellipse®, a patented screw anchoring system saving at least 25% on the initial investment compared to traditional anchoring methods, avoiding the chafing phenomenon caused by chains underwater, and that is certified for installation in protected marine areas.

On top of helping investors with maximising their ROI, marina designers have to focus on simplifying day-to-day operations as well, supporting the marina manager and his/her team in providing a clean environment for the benefit of all.

Even though extremely under-used in Asia, boat wastewater pumping stations are a Must Have to ensure unpolluted marina environments. To supplement such equipment, we’ve developed a wide range of systems to keep ports trash-free.

Our last initiative consists is an automated rubbish bin that catches floating rubbish, oil, fuel and detergents. This automatic marine vacuum continuously filters water to get rid of all unpleasant floating trash and is slowly becoming the norm in sustainable marina management practices.

Along the same lines, the Green Cube is an innovative floating modular sanitary station that includes rest rooms, showers and sinks that are combined with an autonomous sewerage water treatment station. This independent unit provides useable water for watering or other marina maintenance activities – a crucial aspect while considering the medium to high water stress that countries and the region will face in the very near future.

Marina operations, sailing, and boating in general stand on a stage where natural elements are the main pillars. Preserving them by making the right choices is the only way to ensure long-term businesses and pleasure for all, and tomorrow’s solutions already exist today.

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Christophe Saune is based in Hong Kong and in charge of Poralu Marine activities in Asia. Poralu Marine is the worldwide leader in aluminium structure marina design and construction with more than 8,000 projects realised across five continents.