Level Up Your Kitchen

If you’ve wanted to revamp your kitchen, now’s the chance.

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If you’ve wanted to revamp your kitchen, now’s the chance. We have gathered this lookbook of four stunning kitchen designs to get you inspired 

Eclectic Mediterranean

If you love the Mediterranean for its rich colours and if you need a reminder to cook healthier foods like the Mediterranean people do, this kitchen style is perfect for you. You can opt for classic Spanish influences such as colourful hand-painted tiles, gold or bronze finishing on your ornate kitchen handles. To be reminded of your travels in Morocco’s bustling bazaars and architecture, pick vibrant colours and rich-glazed, intricate mosaic tiling. For fans of Santorini or one of the other beautiful Greek islands, style your kitchen with deep blues, turquoise and plenty of white on the cabinets and countertops.

Try a Zellige mosaic tilework, a form of Islamic art, with bold geometric symmetry.

The different colours used in the kitchen is to break the monotony of the usual white washed wall and bring out the character of the certain space to reflect the homeowner’s personality.

– Alvin Ling from The Scientist 

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For a modern take on this Mediterranean design, add hints of gold accents to keep the look fresh and modern. This can be done by adding gold handles on cabinets or by having a gold-coloured dish rack.

To maximise space in a small kitchen, the kitchen island can be additional space for food preparation and can also double up as a dining space. To create a comfortable dining space, ensure that there is enough leg room under the kitchen island for your family and friends to sit comfortably. With this you can easily entertain your guests while preparing and cooking food.

 "Use different types of tiles to highlight the specific area and the activity intended for the space. As the homeowners liked the industrial home decor, the floor tiles were chosen to match with the cement screed that were on part of the kitchen wall.

– Alvin Ling from The Scientist"
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French Chic

The kitchen is a place where temperatures can run high, and it’s not only the food that we’re talking about. To create a space that is functional and calming, try a soothing neutral palette that reflects the calming Provencal landscape.

To add a subtle colour to the look, try this Nordic blue shade on your kitchen drawers. Paint the cabinets above white – the iconic element of the French look – to create a clean balance of colour in the kitchen.

To nail the French country look, add wooden accents to create warmth to the look. For this design, vinyl wood flooring was used to unify the flooring from living room to dining and kitchen.

"Vinyl tiles have easier maintenance than timber wood flooring and is scratch resistant and waterproof – good for kitchen and living room.
– Renee Lim, co-founder of Lemonfridge Studio"
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Warm Scandinavian

A sleek all-white kitchen could be something that you’ve always wanted. But if you are afraid that the look may be too cold or “clinical”, a good way to avoid that is to add light and warm wooden accents.

A simple way to turn pendant lights into a statement feature is to place them in a row over the space you want to illuminate.

To maintain a clean and sleek look, pick a white countertop that sets the tone of the look right when you enter the kitchen.

Add warmth into the kitchen by adding natural elements such as wooden bench stools or lamps made with light wood or rattan.
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Kaleidoscope Dream

The kitchen is where you can get creative in the dishes that you make. To spur your imagination and creativity, why not inject some fun in the kitchen with cheerful pastel tones and unexpected elements like a sink in an eye-catching finish.

Besides switching up the colours of your cabinets or the finishes of your cabinet handles, add a touch of luxe at the sink with a goldplated tap head.

For a minimal look, replace cabinet handles to a push latch cabinet system to create a sleek and neat appearance in the kitchen. It will also prevent you from hanging your dishcloth on it, thus effectively reducing signs of clutter.

A terrazo back splash not only creates an eye-catching feature in the kitchen.

"Durable and porous at the same time, terrazo thus require proper sealing and finishing to the surface during installation so that it would last a very long time.
– Krystle Teoh from The Scientist"