“Clients are involved in the design process from the beginning.”

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Founded in 2008, Artistroom has always emphasised involving clients in the design process from start to finish, so that the homeowners have a home that is distinctly theirs. Functional spaces matched with aesthetically modern designs are key when it comes to the planning. The interior design team is also big on space reconfiguration, designing layouts that maximise efficiency and functionality.
My Reading Room

Opening up the interiors of this 1,400sqf three-bedroom apartment, in order to let in light, was one of the top priorities for the interior designers at Artistroom. Walls were torn down and, with the airflow re-directed, the home feels brighter and airier.

The female homeowner, who lives alone, wanted the space to have a study area, a library and a guest room. In addition, she wanted ample storage space. As she enjoys hosting friends, Artistroom made sure her home caters to entertainment needs as well.

Renovated and refurbished at a cost of $140,000, the house sports a neutral palette with clean lines and easy-to-maintain storage spaces. Brass is consistently used throughout to inject a luxe feel. The glass doors in this home come in sleek brass metal frames, allowing for ample natural light to flood the interior. Oak veneer cabinetry stands out in this apartment. Large format, stone-like floor tiles in grey are used throughout the living area to enhance the spaciousness.

A special wall panel was created between the living and two guest rooms. The marble-clad side of the panel facing the living room is also the TV console area. Framed in brass metal on both sides, the marble sections double as storage space. The guest room on the other side of the panel also serves as the library, which houses a collection of books and ornaments in tea-tinted glass cabinets. Other prominent home details include calacatta marble countertops and wall cladding, plus subway tiles on the kitchen wall.

The study, walk-in wardrobe and sleeping area are seamlessly incorporated into the master bedroom space. White wood flooring enhances the soothing and relaxing mood in the bedroom – consistent with the calming ambience that characterises the rest of this home.

My Reading Room

With the interior walls torn down, the home is brighter and airier. Clean lines and a neutral palette lend a spacious feel, with brass metal accents injecting a touch of luxe.

A wall panel erected between the living and a guest room serves as TV console in the former, with the latter’s glass sliding door further opening up the space.
My Reading Room
My Reading Room

White cabinetry complements the warm woods in the room. An elongated study table allows for a neat set of storage drawers to be built beneath.


Oak veneer cabinetry features prominently in this apartment, and large format grey floor tiles throughout the living area create a sense of spaciousness.

Plenty of storage spaces in warm woods are built into this apartment.