Many different styles, textures and materials are creatively and boldly fused together under one roof, resulting in visually arresting interiors.

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Many different styles, textures and materials are creatively and boldly fused together under one roof, resulting in visually arresting interiors.
Housemates in their 30s 
Four-room HDB flat in Old Airport Road 
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It’s probably every interior designer’s dream to be told to “just go wild with the ideas”. This was exactly what housemates Kong Chek Yong and Kenneth Ang told Yiap Yiyun of Linear Space Concepts. The duo had a wish list of ideas that included neon lights, strong colours, iron grilles and patterned Peranakan-like tiles, but they were also open to other ways of working the various elements together to create something unique. 

Sources of inspiration for this melange were hip cafes, as well as various W Hotels (the brand is known for its distinctive statement-making style) around the world, says the well-travelled Chek Yong. 

But while a smorgasbord of fun and trendy concepts makes for interesting interiors, it takes an experienced designer to balance the contrasting  styles to create a look that is aesthetically appealing, and Yiyun took on that challenge. The result – costing $84,000 – is nothing short of stunning and striking, without being haphazard or obtrusive.

My Reading Room

From industrial to nostalgic, and in a myriad of colours, the look is bold but inviting. The designer’s deft approach ensured that the main visual focus of each area was clearly defined, while complementing the harmonious flow of the space. A key principle Yiyun used for the home’s design was to adhere to a colour scheme that comprised not more than two main accent colours in each space. For example, orange and blue for the living area, red and green for the kitchen, and bright yellow for the walkway. There is also a consistent subtle geometric theme to tie the various spaces together.

The home has unique standout features at every turn, with Yiyun creatively putting various materials to good use. Upon entering the home, a cargo container appears to be sitting right in the middle of the apartment, backdropping the living area. To achieve this effect, she cladded a wall with corrugated metal hoarding panels spray-painted in cheery sunny yellow. This “cargo container” also conceals the doors to the common bathroom and master bedroom. Old-school metal grilles are installed as design features, but also serve as a divider in the living room. In the study, the built-in cupboard was made using wooden planks reclaimed from old houses in Malaysia.

My Reading Room

As for the loose furniture and decor, Chek Yong sourced most of it from his travels. They include the workshop lamps above the dining table from Chatuchak market in Bangkok, as well as online. One of his favourite pieces, he says, is the glass pendant lamp in the living room (in front of the brick-finished wall) that he bought from Taobao.

Interesting textures, eye-catching details and vibrant colour, come together with hand-picked finds, creating an abode that is inspiring, yet comfortable.


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