A combination of art and function – that’s the best way to describe the intricate products that glass artist Nathalie Ziegler Pasqua creates.

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"As part of the Organique collection, Nathalie designed this chandelier inspired by the imagery of butterflies dancing in the sky."

Born in Paris, France, this 48-year-old dancer-turned-sculptor specialises in blown glass. She carves out beautiful glass lighting designs that have been exhibited internationally at various art museums and galleries in France, New York, Los Angles, San Francisco, London, Bangkok and Hong Kong. Often inspired by floral and fauna, the glass lights also go through a silvering process, which results in the pieces shimmering when illuminated, creating a mesmerising piece of art.

What got you interested in working with glass?

It’s a love story that started in my childhood. My early memories are of me playing with sand on the beach and being mesmerised by the shimmering light on the grains of sand. That powerful image of the light stayed with me ever since and it evolved into a passion. I find this imagery refiected in the process of working with glass. What is truly magical, and almost sacred with glass, is that it comes alive when light falls on it. In this respect, I compare my fascination with glass with that for stage performances, in how light makes a play come alive.

How do you take advantage of light to enhance the materiality of glass?

Light makes glass flicker, glow and shine. It guides me throughout my creations.

What are the challenges working with this material?

The shape itself is a challenge. Imagine working on a 12m-long piece and trying to find the best balance. Other challenging scenarios include translating my ideas of certain designs into glass, such as a velvety cloudlike impression, or designing birds and snakes in mysterious, artistic impressions. I also work on particular silvering techniques, which can get very challenging, but those also allow me to evolve and reinvent myself constantly. I believe there is no real limit to what can be achieved.

What inspires you when designing a glass artwork or lighting?

My inspiration comes from multiple sources – a person, place, flower, glass colour, painting, music and even dance.

Many of the pieces you design are inspired by flowers. Why do you gravitate towards flora?

I’ve always loved flowers. I’m attracted to them for their stunning beauty and they make me contemplative.

Which designer is your greatest inspiration?

This is a difficult question as many inspire me but, with respect to light, the artist who inspires me the most is Ingo Maurer. He can transform the ambience of any room just by using playful light installations. His sense of humour and poetic articulation are astonishing.

What advice do you have for homeowners who are choosing lighting fixtures for their home?

It’s a very personal choice, like bringing a bit of magic into your home. Day light is fantastic but warm light can give you the opportunity to create a particular ambience.

What are you currently working on?

I’m creating a suspension lamp for the bridal room of a world-class jeweller, located in one of the most majestic squares in Paris.

Nathalie Ziegler Pasqua’s glass lighting collection retails at Affluency Maison,

My Reading Room

Nathalie’s creations have been showcased in galleries and luxurious properties around the world.


For the Fleurs Lumiere collection, Nathalie chose to work with coloured glass to create a multi-faceted, three-dimensional lighting design.