Find out how these vacuum cleaner features can help to make your daily cleaning easier, faster and more effective.

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Find out how these vacuum cleaner features can help to make your daily cleaning easier, faster and more effective.
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A vacuum cleaner is one of the many appliances you will find in almost every Singaporean home.

Yet, homeowners often struggle with choosing the right model that suits their needs, as they are unsure of what to look out for. Here’s a guide: Is it true that modern vacuum cleaners also help to clean the air?

Yes, while most vacuum cleaners come with dust bags, there are brands that take cleaning one step further by using superior cleaning technology that removes not only dust and dirt from surfaces, but also other harmful substances, including allergens, bacteria, mould and toxins from the air.

What are the differences in the types of vacuum cleaner filters, such as Hepa and Bionic filters?

Vacuum cleaners take in dust but, in the process, air that is expelled from the machine may still be filled with allergens. Hepa (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters do more than just trap the bigger dust particles in your vacuum cleaner. In fact, it can remove up to 99.7 per cent of dust particles, ridding the air of allergencausing substances like dust mites, as well as tinier particulates – fungal spores, pollen, bacteria and even tobacco smoke – which can penetrate our lungs.

A vacuum with a Bionic filter provides the added bonus of scented and fresh-smelling air. With the Hepa and Bionic filters combined in a machine, the air that is pushed out of the back of the vacuum is clean, keeping floors and surfaces in the home dust-free.

Are vacuum cleaners strong enough to remove pet fur?

If you have pets, there are options, such as the Bosch Pro Animal range, which allow for more effective removal of dander. The Bosch Pro Animal’s powerful system, coupled with the right accessories like the upholstery nozzle, will leave your home clean of fur.

Will a handheld vacuum cleaner work for me?

If you find yourself needing to clean up small messes throughout the day, like stray hairs or food spills, then a handheld vacuum cleaner will come in handy. It allows you to clean quickly and conveniently. Some models are just as powerful as regular-sized vacuum cleaners.

Are quieter vacuum cleaners less powerful when sucking up dirt?

We know that silent vacuum cleaners are great especially if you work late and can only do household chores at night, but is their efficiency compromised?

No. Simply check the sound insulation on the machine, and that parts are well sealed with anti-vibration materials to absorb rattling noises when the appliance is switched on.