In this terrace house, luxury is born out of a medley of beautiful views, privacy and materials meant to age gracefully.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

Both working in the banking industry, the couple who owns this intermediate terrace house in the Buona Vista area wanted it to be warm and inviting as they frequently entertain friends and family. They also wanted it to be quite different from their previous HDB home, where the interior featured bright colours that quickly became dated. 

Tasked with the design, Metaphor Studio came up with a timelessly elegant interior that maximises the views of the surrounding greenery while providing ample room for gatherings as well as privacy when and where needed. Comfort was also paramount to the design, and Metaphor Studio achieved this thermally, aurally, spatially and visually. To begin, the design team switched the placement of the kitchen and the laundry area from the rear of the house to the front, relegating the vacated space for a double-height sunken living room.

Clad with timber louvres, the living room enjoys lots of fresh air and an uninterrupted view of the neighbourhood’s greenery. The switch also effectively blocked the noise coming from the street, so the owners could enjoy private time as well as entertain guests uninterrupted. 

The material used highlighted a palette of muted greys, comprising exposed aerated concrete block walls, cement screed floors and black steel structures, all of which contrast nicely with the glossy marble of the dining and upper floors. Then there’s the leather-clad furniture, the handsome timber finish of storage spaces spread around the house, and the owners’ artwork collection. Now this is a space with a timeless appeal that will age gracefully with its inhabitants.

My Reading Room

The dining room’s glossy marble floor contrasts nicely with the sunken living room’s cement screed floor.


An open, uninterrupted view of the neighbourhood’s greenery, as seen from the front of the house. 


The kitchen sports a timber finish and features ample storage space. 

The sunken living room, where the owners frequently entertain friends and family.
My Reading Room


A couple in their 40s, their two children and a helper. HOME Two-storey intermediate terrace house SIZE 3,125 sq ft