A layout reconfiguration and the right suite of finishes make up this modern abode. Eliza Hamizah checks it out.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

A layout reconfiguration and the right suite of finishes make up this modern abode. Eliza Hamizah checks it out.

My Reading Room

Behind the square cement slabs lie over 100 pairs of shoes!

My Reading Room

The glass doors that join the rooms allow natural light to illuminate the spaces.

My Reading Room

Stone tiles from Rice and a worktop from Cosentino clad the bathroom.

My Reading Room

You don’t need to stick to only one material; Wein gave the couple both grey frosted glass doors, as well as woodfi nished ones.

My Reading Room

The couple shopped at stores like Made & Make to select their modern yet unique furniture pieces.


A couple in their 30s

HOME Three-bedder apartment with a family room

SIZE 1,800sqf

A plain and ordinary home just won’t cut it for the sophisticated homeowners of this Riviera Residences apartment. Their love for metallic trims and stone finishes like marble led Wein Goh from Poetus to design a cool yet refined home that is decked out in white and grey.

The $100,000 renovation cost included a major restructuring of space. Originally a threebedder with a family room, the apartment is now compartmentalised into one spacious living and dining room, as well as one master suite.

“It wasn’t part of the initial plan, but, after we understood the layout better, I proposed that we take down the two common bedrooms, family room, and common bathroom to convert the now-huge space into a master suite,” says Wein.

Another unique addition to the space includes the living room arrangement: A stylish open study sits behind the living room sofa, giving dual function to the space. The concrete slabs that clad the hidden storage space create an edgy backdrop.

Wein also experimented with the walkin- wardrobe, where all three walls feature differently designed closets. An open-concept section means the fashionable clothes on display will add personality to the room, while a traditional wardrobe allows clutter to be hidden.

In the bedroom, the designer created a storage headboard for the customised platform bed. Its grey wood finish goes beautifully with the white marble flooring, and the colours and open area help instil a sense of calm in the space.