Doing the laundry doesn’t have to be a pain. Here are some pointers to help make your laundry time fuss-free and efficient.

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Doing the laundry doesn’t have to be a pain. Here are some pointers to help make your laundry time fuss-free and efficient.

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Using the dryer ensures your laundry can be cleared quickly and conveniently, but take note of best practices to prevent clothes from shrinking! Aside from checking clothing labels and selecting a low temperature setting for delicate materials, it is essential to keep the dryer door closed. This ensures that your laundry does not go through any temperature shock, keeping your clothes in good condition. Choose gentle spin cycles too, as this helps keep fabric in shape.

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Humidity can cause a problem, as damp clothing can get mouldy. Always ensure that your washed clothes are completely dry before you place them back in the wardrobe, especially in areas such as around the collar, and at the cuffs of long-sleeved shirts where the fabric might be thicker. Air-dry them before keeping them, if need be. Also, avoid packing clothes too tightly, as this causes a lack of air circulation, trapping moisture and creating a damp environment that mould and bacteria thrive on.

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Keeping your laundry area neat and tidy ensures you have a hygienic, clutter-free space. Don’t leave bottles of detergent lying around. Instead, pour them into sleek, stylish dispensers that can blend in perfectly with your interiors. The detergent can also be dispensed easily whenever you need, instead of having to haul heavy bottles over the washing machine.

Onehub Simplehuman sensor pump soap dispenser in brushed nickel, $109, a vailable at Redmart.

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Fashion Master B3847, $2,999, available at Miele.

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If you find yourself always hunched over your ironing board and straining your back, it’s time to replace it with one that’s of the right height. Make sure to keep everything within reach with an all-in-one appliance too, like Miele’s B3847 Fashion Master, which consists of an iron, steam generator and ironing board. With its flexible height settings, the ironing board can be adjusted to fit individual working heights. Ironing no longer needs to be a back-breaking activity!

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Tefal Pro Express Cares team irons retail from $ 739, available at major electronic stores.

Low speeds (1,200 revolutions per minute, or less) result in less wrinkles on clothes.


There are many ways you can cut down on time spent ironing your clothes, so you can free up more time doing things you enjoy, like spending time with family and friends! When washing laundry, select low speeds (1,200 revolutions per minute, or less), as this results in less wrinkles on clothes. Some dryers also come with anticrease functions, so make full use of them! Of course, it is also important to use an efficient and powerful ironing appliance. For example, Tefal’s Pro Express Care steam generators are said to achieve ideal ironing results in a shorter time compared to steam irons, as the former can produce higher steam output (up to 8 bar steam pressure) to penetrate fabrics more effectively.

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Take extra care of delicate clothing, such as lingerie, when putting them into washers and dryers. Always use laundry bags for smaller items, as that’ll ensure they do not get tangled up with other pieces of clothing, or get stretched during the wash or dry cycle. Never overload laundry bags, to ensure clothing will be washed more effectively.


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Convenience is key with the LG Twinwash washing machine, which is designed to allow homeowners to run two separate wash cycles at the same time. Wash your white tees, delicates or even baby clothing simultaneously, yet separate from the regular laundry load. You’ll need just 49 minutes to complete two laundry loads – that’s really efficient!

Find out more about LG Twinwash washing machine at

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Washing time is reduced by up to 50 per cent, and it utilises up to 20 per cent less energy.


This machine helps you save both time and money! Samsung’s Quickdrive washing machine offers powerful washing performance so washing time is said to be reduced by up to 50 per cent, and it also utilises up to 20 per cent less energy, compared to conventional systems in predecessors. If you discover you’ve forgotten to include a piece of clothing after starting a wash cycle, you needn’t worry. The machine comes with an Add Wash door where you can drop in loose fabric items.

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Bosch’s 9kg Active Oxygen automatic washing machine is designed to house the brand’s unique drum structure that is said to offer gentle and efficient wash cycles, suitable even for sensitive clothes that require low-temperature washes. Because of its in-built Eco Silence Drive, the machine operates very quietly and efficiently too!

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City Gas Rinnai RD-600 CG gas clothes dryer is designed to work faster and requires a shorter drying time, lowering running cost, when compared with electric clothes dryers. With a built-in microchip sensor that constantly monitors the humidity level to prevent over-drying, the machine makes clothes turn out soft, fluffy and with fewer wrinkles. The strong gas output also keeps laundry almost 100 per cent germ-free, as dust mites and microorganisms are killed during the drying process!

Find out more about City Gas Rinnai RD-600 CG at City Gas Gallery at #02-01/03 PWC Building, or

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A five-tick, energy-efficient appliance, Electrolux Heat Pump dryer makes use of a heat pump technology, which recycles heated air to dry laundry.


Care for your laundry, as well as the environment. A five-tick, energy-efficient appliance, Electrolux Heat Pump dryer makes use of a heat pump technology – as its name suggests – where a closed circuit system passes heated air over clothes and recycles this air to dry laundry. This recycling process ensures less energy consumption.

Find out mor e about Electrolux Heat Pump dry er at

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Achieve optimal results with machines like washer dryers that kill two birds with one stone. The Panasonic washer dryer NA-D106X1 can wash up to a 10kg laundry load, and dry a 6kg load. Not only is it said to complete washing in a mere 34 minutes, the machine also has a tilted drum with a sensor that ensures clothes throughout the load is washed thoroughly. Simply activate the dryer once washing is complete!

Find out more about Panasonic washer dryer NA-D106X1 at