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On the East Coast of the United States, this seemingly traditional home is surrounded by nature, but features glamorous interiors that reflect the owners’ chic style. KARINE MONIE finds out more from its designer.

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On the East Coast of the United States, this seemingly traditional home is surrounded by nature, but features glamorous interiors that reflect the owners’ chic style. KARINE MONIE finds out more from its designer.
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"In the great room, the sectional sofa is from US brand DDC, the coffee tables are from the Phillips Collection, and the armchairs are from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. The chandelier is by Lindsey Adelman, and the colourful artwork was created by the owner (the wife)."
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While flipping through the pages of a design magazine, a young couple living in New York City with their baby immediately related to interior designer Sasha Bikoff’s aesthetic. Tired of their crowded weekend commute to the Hamptons – their previous escape from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan – the family made the decision to purchase a vacation house in the quieter area of Hudson Valley, located approximately 160km north of New York City.

While it was the first time Bikoff had worked with these clients, the match seemed destined from the beginning. “The clients are fashion-forward and edgy, and wanted their home to reflect that,” says Bikoff. “I would describe my projects with similar adjectives, so I was excited to be able to take that aesthetic outside of Manhattan, and bring that style to a city with a relatively more rustic and nature-heavy feel.”

Located right on the Hudson River with the beautiful, serene landscape as a backdrop, the two-level house features a wood and stone facade that does not give any hints as to what’s inside. “My challenge was layering those references of nature into a design that highlights the wife’s preferences for metallics, mirrored surfaces, leather and fur,” Bikoff says. Bringing the outside in while incorporating the sophisticated and artful style of the owners was key.

“My number one thing in design is that the interiors of the space need to coincide with where the home is,” adds Bikoff. “I like the clients’ dedication to keeping nature involved in the design process. They are both glamorous people, but wanted a calming element to have a transcendent presence in the home. Being able to establish a balance between that high-gloss glamour and tranquil neutral feel was a great way to play with different hues and pieces.”

Most of the walls were painted in pearly grey, revealing a mostly neutral colour scheme that helped to create a peaceful atmosphere. Looking out to the river through a lot of glass windows, the double height living room emphasises the theme of nature.

“TheEdward Fields rug depicts a stylised stream bed in tones of black, grey and white – a fitting anchor for the Phillips Collection molten lava rock coffee tables,a nubby and contemporary On the Rocks sectional sofa by DDC, and a Lindsey Adelman brass and glass chandelier that is a modern interpretation of branches,” says Bikoff. On one side of the stone fireplace, a sculptural triple-burnt teak chair by Andrianna Shamaris,and on the other side a series of abstract brass faces by the Phillips Collection add sophistication to the space. Also, a new custom glossy stain was applied on all the original floors of the home.

Abstract artworks with bright colours – created by the wife – adorn the house. “For the nursery, I took cues from the vivid palettes of her paintings”, says Bikoff, who boldly chose to contrast this room with the rest of the home.

Both the kitchen-dining room (decorated with white cabinetry, a walnut table and woven-hide chairs by Andrianna Shamaris) and the master bedroom (furnished with a custom canopy Uhuru Design bed and two white Kelly Wearstler tub chairs) continue the soft theme. Metallic accents, however, were introduced, including the Arteriors mirrors in the bedroom and the silver leaf ceiling in the master bathroom, to resonate with the dwellers’ tastes.

“There’s a lot of repeat of the motifs the wife loves – she’s really into jewellery, and she’s all about metals. That’s where her edginess comes from; she loves chrome and brass,” Bikoff explains. “I wanted to keep the materials feeling fashion forward, while ensuring that they still fit with the home’s surroundings.”

For the designer, interiors are much more than living spaces. According to her: “They evoke a distinguished lifestyle, offering individuals the unique opportunity to turn their homes into an eclectic, creative oasis, and a place they can truly call their own.” In this Hudson property, it is certainly what Bikoff strived to achieve. An idyllic exterior setting, a refined look and a precise sense of style: All the ingredients combine to give life to a visually strong, yet subtly shaped family retreat.

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The surrounding trees and the wood and stone facade of the house inspired some design elements in the interior spaces.

The vintage chaise longue, adorned with a custom silverfox throw, is by Vladimir Kagan. On the left of the fireplace, the abstract brass faces are from the Phillips Collection, the marble and brass Brueton bar was purchased on 1stdibs.com, and the sconce is by Homenature.
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"The triple-burnt teak chair on the right side of the fireplace and the dining chairs are by Andrianna Shamaris. The dining table was designed by Bikoff , while the pendant lights are from Arteriors."
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In the corridor, the wallpaper has an angled silver metallic pattern, making the wall look like a silvery rock face. The custom glossy green sconces resemble antlers – a fun nod to the local deer population.

In the guest room, Matouk  bedding was paired with a shag rug and a petrified-wood table for a laid-back look with a woodsy vibe. Sculptural nightstands elevate the setup with an industrial quality.
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In the glossy black and white bathroom, Bikoff wanted to infuse the homeowners’ chic downtown style with a traditional waterfront cottage style.
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"According to Bikoff , the interiors of a space need to coincide with where the home is. Located on the Hudson River, this house is serene and tranquil."